Jembrana Cocoa Exports Enter Japan Market

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newsbali/ist/Jembrana Cocoa Exports Penetrate Japanese Market., DENPASAR.
Jembrana cocoa is one of the leading commodities that have been exported to various countries. This time, the expansion of Jembrana’s cocoa market share was extended to East Asia, specifically to Japan.
This agricultural commodity from Jembrana has its own advantages because farmers do post-harvest processing a little differently through fermentation techniques.

In addition, Japan also requires that the cocoa be guaranteed food safety. After several samples of Jembrana cocoa were sent to Japan, this time Jembrana cocoa farmers can breathe a sigh of relief because their commodities can be exported in large quantities on Wednesday (1/8) .

Denpasar Agricultural Quarantine officials inspected 2 tons of cocoa from Jembrana with an export value of 140 million rupiah. Besides Japan, the Jembrana cocoa market has also penetrated the markets of Germany, the United States, Austria, Portugal, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, and Belgium.

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