Jokowi Inaugurates Way Sekampung Dam Worth IDR 1.78 Trillion

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Jokowi Inaugurates Way Sekampung Dam Worth Rp1.78 Trillion - Photo 1

ACCURATE.CO President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the Way Sekampung Dam in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung Province on Thursday (2/9/2021). This dam has been built since 2016 with a budget of IDR 1.78 trillion.

The Way Sekampung dam is one of 13 dam projects targeted for completion this year.

“Alhamdulillah, the Way Sekampung Dam, which was built since 2016 today, has been completed and is ready to function. This dam costs IDR 1.78 trillion and has a capacity of 68 million cubic meters, with an inundation area of ​​800 hectares,” said President Jokowi.

President Jokowi explained that with water management from upstream to downstream with the Way Sekampung cascade system, it is expected to maintain the continuity of water availability in one of the national food barns so that it continues to produce and increase its production.

“The planting intensity can also be increased from twice a year to three times a year. This means that production is expected to increase. And we hope that the welfare of farmers will also increase, this is our hope,” he explained.

The presence of the Way Sekampung Dam is projected to strengthen water and food security in the Lampung region. This dam will function optimally to support agricultural productivity if it is connected to a well-organized irrigation system, starting from primary irrigation channels, secondary irrigation, tertiary irrigation, to the quarter.

Way Sekampung Dam

PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said the Way Sekampung Dam is also integrated with two other dams, namely the downstream Margatiga Dam which will be completed by the end of 2021 and the Batutegi Dam which was completed in 2004.

“This dam is one of the dam systems that we built on the Way Sekampung River in addition to the Margatiga Dam and the Batutegi Dam. The Way Sekampung dam functions as a supply or regulation of dams, which will later be able to add about 17,500 hectares of the existing 55,000 hectares. We will optimize Way Sekampung’s water with the three dams,” said Minister Basuki.

The construction of the Way Sekampung Dam was carried out under the responsibility of the Mesuji – Sekampung River Basin Center (BBWS) and was carried out by several contractors, namely PT PP, PT Waskita Karya, PT Adhi Karya and PT Ashfri. This multifunctional dam can be used for irrigation, then for raw water, also for power generation, and flood control.


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