KAACHI Releases New Single ‘Extra Special’ Ode For UNI-K

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KAACHI Chunseo

Posted on: 09/2/21 at 1:00 pm

Chunseo (Photo: Frontrow).

KAACHI just released single their fourth ‘Extra Special’ on Spotify and other DSPs. The release interval is only a few weeks after release single their new one, ‘The One Thing’. As announced by Frontrow Records through its press release on September 2, 2021.

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Single This ‘Extra Special’ is an uplifting ode to KAACHI’s beloved fan, UNI-K. The lyrics of the song express the melody, the sentiment that boosts confidence, motivating fans to pursue their dreams.

KAACHI Collaboration Works Between London and Seoul

The song ‘Extra Special’ is a collaborative work between London-England and Seoul-South Korea. With writing, production, and recording completed in the two capitals. Andy Ryu, K-pop producer and CEO of Pison Contents/MusicSpray who also produced and wrote the song based in Seoul and San Francisco, commented. “I dedicate this song to KAACHI, who have struggled a lot and faced many challenges when they initially debuted in England. I want to contribute to creating something that will give them more confidence and energy when they perform in Korea. But I wanted the song to lyrically capture their truth from their debut.”

Coco (Photo: Frontrow).

Monica, CEO of FrontRow and Executive Producer of KAACHI shared that “The song ‘Extra Special’ is an English-Korean music production collaboration that shares KAACHI’s unique story. The members of this girl group have worked really hard with both teams to ensure we can get the best results. I have faith in Nicole, Coco, Chunseo that FrontRow will share an Extra Special Journey as they continue to develop their careers.”

Coco, who recorded her voice in Seoul, shared her experience: “We recorded the original English demo and part of single in London with Dele and Jonas. I had to fly to Seoul during the recording period, so the other members continued recording in London, while I stayed in Korea. I recorded my part in Seoul, and it was my first time recording with producers Andy HS Ryu and Jongseon Shin. Luckily, Andy directed me in detail to find the best sound for each part, assisted by the London Production team who directed ad-lib and harmony. Both teams worked very hard to ensure the process was as efficient as possible. It was a pleasure to work with all of them, I am very grateful to all of them”.

Nicole (Photo: Frontrow).

Debut Live Dua Single New to New Beginnings With K-Pop Superfest

KAACHI exclusively features single their latest ‘Extra Special’ and ‘The One Thing’ for New Beginnings With K-Pop Superfest. Hosted by Music Spray, Pison Contents, and Digisonic – the No. 1 immersive audio production company. 1 in South Korea. The show will air on SBS TV today, September 2, 2021!

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Ok, enjoy listening to ‘Extra Special’ below, extra special for you, UNI-K.

Author, Translator & Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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