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1NEWS – Constitutional Law expert Refly Harun has been outspoken regarding the joining of the National Mandate Party (PAN) with the coalition supporting the government of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

This was revealed by the social and political observer in a video uploaded to Refly Harun’s YouTube account, Wednesday (1/9).

With the entry of PAN, Refly said Jokowi had controlled two-thirds of the votes.

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According to records, with PAN the number of coalitions supporting the government has now reached 471 seats or about 82 percent.

Thus, the government only needs 2 or 3 DPD seats to change the constitution.

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“Since the entry of PAN, theoretically the president has controlled almost two-thirds of the votes of DPR members, only three votes are lacking,” explained Refly Harun.

According to Refly Harun, if it is counted, all members of the Democrats and PKS are loyal, then Jokowi still needs three votes to change the constitution.

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“For example, it is calculated that all loyal Democratic members, all loyal PKS members do not vote in Jokowi’s coalition, then Jokowi needs only three votes from DPD members to change the constitution, amend the constitution for a third term,” said Refly Harun.


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