Life is hard, Rochimah – Kiwil’s ex-wife always tries to pack leftover food, even children ride online

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Rochimah reveals a surprising thing. Divorced from comedian Kiwil, he and his children are now living a difficult life.

It’s so difficult, now Rochimah always tries to wrap up leftover food every time she attends events. Lately, he is often invited to travel by Eva Bellissima.

Rochimah then told what happened recently when she went with Eva. He saw the unfinished food.

“Oh God, this Eva, it’s a shame this is a chicken. Remember the children,” said Rochimah, quoted from Surya Citra Televisi, Wednesday (1/9/2021).

Unfortunately, Rochimah could not bring the food. He was so sorry.

“Because there are no plastic bags, less space, O Allah,” he said.

According to Rochimah, in order to survive, her eldest son, Rizky Arnanda Delta, became an online motorcycle taxi. He was forced to open this up for Kiwil to respond.

“Just so you know until he takes a taxi, you know, to eat us. Bang Nanda rides a taxi to feed his mother and younger siblings,” he said with teary eyes.

“We reason that father is in a difficult situation too, but it’s not like this, but let me know. This is why mom is open, so dad knows how we are here, “he said again.

Kiwil and Rochimah divorced through the decision of the South Jakarta Religious Court on March 10, 2021. Rochimah filed for divorce because she did not want to be married again.

Kiwil himself now has a wife named Venti Figianti. They allegedly married when Kiwil was still married to Rochimah and Meggy Wulandari.


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