Maro Feature, Nasaya Invites Euphoria Via His Newest EP, “Pirilampo”

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Nasaya Features Maro Invites Euphoria With His Newest EP, "Pirilampo"

Posted on: 09/2/21 at 11:00 am

Nasaya collaborated with Maro on the EP entitled Pirilampo.

Nasaya, a music producer as well as a multi-instrumentalist who familiar with the song ‘Stuck In A Bubble’ in 2020 and this time officially released their newest mini album aka EP entitled Pirilampo‘. As usual, Nasaya is not alone in working on each song. This time he invited the singer from Portugal, Maro, to collaborate on the EP.

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Regarding the EP, Nasaya stated, “This EP is a very special project for me. Collaborating with Maro is the most fun thing in music after a long time because we try new things that we have never tried. This EP is like a world of its own and I can’t wait for all of you to hear it.”

The figure of Maro is often heralded by Lennon Stella as his favorite singer and has also toured with Jacob Colier. “This EP is the first of Maro and Nasaya’s next collaborative projects. I really love this EP and I can’t wait for this EP as well as the other works that we are still working on together to finally be released,” said Maro when commenting on Pirilampo.

Please note that Nasaya and Maro are graduates of the Berklee College Of Music. They try to unite the taste, taste and musicality between the two, creating an electronic music offering that brings the nuances of dance, R&B, and indie-soul music. This ep was released under the auspices of the Foreign Family Collective label containing 4 songs with a euphoric feel.

Nasaya’s New EP Floods With Positive Responses

Maro himself is member from Jacob Collier’s band for live purposes and has toured with Jacob so far. To date, Maro has racked up more than 17 million streams and is one of the most genre-flexible musicians in his class.

Two songs in the album, ‘Tempo’ and ‘I See It Coming’, were released some time ago through an audio streaming service platform. So far, the EP has received a lot of response and positive responses from a number of well-known publications such as SPIN, Noctis Magazine, C-Heads, TheSoundYouNeed and Quip Mag.

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So what are you waiting for? Prepare a glass of warm tea and reading books along with a place with a calm atmosphere. Nasaya and Maro will invite you to sink and drift away in the euphoria that is presented in the Pirilampo.


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