Medina Zein boasted: What a pity! Thanks to me, you’re on TV

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Medina Zein's upload.  Photo;  Instagram @nenk_update

Medina Zein responded casually to the oblique accusations leveled at him. Starting from Rachel Vennya and Citra Kirana who collected payment for luxury bags, more and more other names appeared.

Medina claims between him and Rachel it was just a misunderstanding. His relationship with Citra Kirana is also fine. Later, singer Uci Flowdea also asked for a refund for the luxury bag which he said reached more than Rp. 1 billion.

Challenge to be reported to the authorities

Medina Zein gave a response about the number of people who claimed to be harmed by him. Through Insta Story re-uploaded by Instagram account @granny_update, Thursday, September 2, 2021, the wife of Lukman Azhari satirizes people who she thinks are Social Social Services.

Congratulations, you guys are on TV being interviewed cieeee uhuy if you collect debt (if you really owe it) go home/to the police, why don’t you report to a TV show, want to be famous????,” he said.

Medina Zein’s upload. Photo; Instagram @nenk_update

He also reprimanded netizens who did not understand the problem but also bullied himself and his family. “No need to bully my family, my brothers, my friends. Is there no work to take care of people’s lives?”

Medina even challenged those who accused him of debt and fraud to report to the police. “If I really owe money and sell things that don’t fit, just report it to the authorities, their door is wide open,” he explained.

Medina Zein’s cynical response

Medina believes, these people are only social assistance. “Why are you shouting so that those who don’t know come along? Do you really want to be on TV? I’m so sorry, it’s called debt, it’s not a crime.”

Celebrity and entrepreneur, Medina Zein. Photo: Instagram

He also quipped, thanks to this case, these people have become popular. “Thanks to me, so you enter the tipi, khaaann.” The person he called once asked for a photo together at an event.

The celebgram as well as an entrepreneur also flicked someone who was getting more and more famous on social media thanks to him. “Congratulations, your followers have reached 102 K! Uwooo before it was famous it was still 60K now it’s going up, shay? happy shay? he said he didn’t live from Instagram, he still said a lot. You don’t want to be invited to tabayun. want to enter the tipi, yes, “he continued.

Medina Zein did not mention the name of the person referred to in his upload. But it is known, Uci Flowdea has just become a guest star in one of the TV station shows.

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