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Paling Seru

Most Fun – A total of 70 students were arrested by the Tangerang Police for allegedly ending a brawl on Jalan M Yamin, Babakan, Tangerang District, Tangerang City on Monday (30/8/2021) night.

They are 34 students from SMKN 1 Jakarta (Budi Utomo), 29 students from SMKN 4 Tangerang, four students from SMK Yupentek 1 Tangerang, two students from SMKN 2 Tangerang, and one student from MAN Jatiuwung.

The Head of Public Relations of the Tangerang Metro Police, Kompol Abdul Rachim, said that it started when a student of SMKN 1 Budi Utomo wanted to have a face-to-face fight after school. Abdul Rachim also confirmed that the student of SMKN 1 Budi Utomo had actually carried out face-to-face schooling.

“Brother IK from SMKN 1 Budi Utomo has actually carried out face-to-face schooling and returned home at 11.00 WIB,” said Abdul, Tuesday (31/8/2021).

Then, IK along with 15 of his friends who were hanging out in Kali Deres, received a message containing an invitation to meet after a few hours. Then, IK and 15 of his friends went to Jalan M. Yamin.

“On Jalan M Yamin, there is a student from SMKN 4 Tangerang whose identity is unknown due to conditions at night distributing sharp weapons (sajam) types of sickles to students of SMKN 1 Budi Utomo,” Abdul explained.

The student who distributed the shawl to the students of SMKN 1 Budi Utomo was because at that time they wanted to have a fight with the students of SMA Al Husna, Tangerang City. However, they were successfully secured by the police who were on patrol. The police managed to secure 8 sharp weapons along with two banners, 16 motorcycles and 51 cellphones.

“They haven’t had a fight yet, they’ve been arrested. We will send those whose parents have been summoned to their respective homes after making a statement and collecting data not to repeat their actions,” added the Tangerang Metro Police Chief, Kombes Deonijiu De Fatima.

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