Not wanting to talk about ‘Ikoy-Ikoyan’, Nikita Mirzani Makes a Mural Contest | 1NEWS

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Don’t Want Ikoy-Ikoyan

Illustration© YouTube/Crazy Nikmir REAL

In his YouTube show, Nikita Mirzani emphasized that he did not want to join the ikoy-ikoyan trend. Therefore, he wanted to share in his own way, namely holding a competition to draw a mural of his own photo on a truck.

“I’m not ikoy-ikoy, yes, ikoy is a fictional story,” he said to one of the winners.

“Contests like the creative ones are also trying to figure out how to get money, but we are working hard,” said one of the winners.

While giving Rp 10 million to one of the winners, Niki explained again, don’t equate the mural competition with ikoy-ikoyan.

“Here, 10 million, don’t play this with ikoy-ikoyan, I’m using sponsors, I’m using my own savings,” said Niki.

“This is a good example, because if you want to get something as a gift or money, you have to work/try like this, krennn sis Niki, love u,” said Raezan Umami in a comment.
“I salute the nikmir painting contest in this truck more than the ikoy2an one. We used to be taught business/work first and then we got money. That’s cool!,” said SW Ayu in a comment.

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