Officially Free Today, Saipul Jamil Called Flood Filming Offers. Reap Pros and Cons from Warganet

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After 5 years and 7 months in prison, the singer Saipul Jamil is finally free today, Thursday (2/9/2021). Ipul, as he is familiarly called, is known to have left Cipinang Class 1 A Prison at 09.00 WIB, this morning. Wearing a white T-shirt, his relatives have been waiting for Saipul Jamil’s return, one of which is dangdut singer Indah Sari. Seen a flower arrangement draped to a public figure who stumbled upon the immoral and bribery case.

Looking happy, Saipul Jamil thanked the people who had supported him until this moment. He didn’t forget to say that he was happy to be able to breathe free air. While crying, Saipul Jamil hugged his family who were getting ready to wear clothes that read “WELCOME BACK BANG IPUL”.

Say thank you for being released, Saipul Jamil feels lucky to be able to pass his sentence in good health

The former husband of Dewi Perssik, the dancer, feels grateful to be able to pass his prison term in good health. The reason is, he knows that many prisoners or other inmates are not as lucky as he is when serving his sentence. According to him, support from relatives and fans is very meaningful and an encouragement while in detention.

“It’s thanks to you that you are still alive today. Because there are also people who come home only in name. Anyway, I can’t mention one by one, thank you support-his,Said Saipul Jamil quoted from YouTube Cobaz TV, Thursday (2/9).

According to the Cipinang Class 1 prison, Saipul Jamil received a remission or a reduced prison term of about 30 months from the judge’s total sentence of 8 years. For Saipul Jamil, September 2, 2021 is an important date. Starting today, the singer of the song “Tak Bosan” will start his career from zero again. That said, Saipul Jamil will try his luck as a YouTuber.

A myriad of Saipul Jamil’s activities after being released have been awaited, one of which is ready to launch a new single

After being released from prison, he admitted that he had many activities. The first is a grave pilgrimage to the graves of parents. Next he plans to bathe in the sea, this is done as a sign of freedom to finally feel the water other than in prison. In addition, he intends to release a new song soon.

Before being declared pure free, netizens were busy discussing several television stations that intended to invite Saipul Jamil. There are at least 3 television stations that the management stated. However, this raises the pros and cons.

Many think about the victim’s psyche when they see Saipul Jamil will often appear on television. Including as revealed by sexologist Zoya Amirin. In an upload on Instagram, he even poked KPI and KPAI questioned whether it was worthy of immoral actors to get on stage so lively.

“Whoever the person is, whatever the job. Perpetrators of sexual crimes, especially children and pedophilia disorders do not deserve a stage on National TV! Boycott perpetrators of sexual crimes (including pedophilia disorders) on all TV stations in Indonesia,” he said in an Instagram post.

For information, Saipul Jamil stumbled upon an obscene case in 2016 and also bribed the clerk of the South Jakarta Religious Court in the amount of IDR 50 million

Saipul Jamil’s Freedom | Credit: YouTube Star Story

Saipul Jamil was named a suspect in a case of sexual abuse of minors on February 18, 2016. He was also sentenced to three years in prison in July 2017. Feeling disapproved, he chose to appeal to the DKI Jakarta High Court (PT) to lighten the sentence.

However, the panel of judges increased his sentence to 5 years in prison. Not giving up, at that time Saipul Jamil submitted a judicial review (PK) to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court refuses and sticks to the decision of PT DKI Jakarta.

He was also caught in a bribery case, his sentence was increased to 3 years. This was proven because Saipul had bribed the clerk of the North Jakarta District Court, Rohadi, with Rp. 50 million. For these two cases, Saipul Jamil’s prison sentence was getting heavier. Now that he can feel free to live like before, hopefully Ipul can learn from the case that happened to him.


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