Paula Verhoeven Critical When Old Pregnant, Baim Wong Surrendered After Hearing the Doctor’s Verdict

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Baim Wong gave bad news about the health condition of his wife, Paula Verhoeven, who was pregnant.

When she was 7 months pregnant, Paula Verhoeven was exposed to Dengue Fever (DHF) and had to be rushed to the hospital.

“Yesterday DHF, sorry for 7 months,” said Baim Wong. Even when lying weak in the treatment room, Paula Perhoeven’s condition was very worrying.

This was revealed by Kiano Tiger Wong’s father when he was a guest on the NGOBROL ASIX YouTube channel on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

“It’s very (Paula’s condition is worrying),” he said. So worried, the doctor who treated Baim Wong’s wife said Paula Verhoeven’s condition was in danger.

Luckily in critical times, the baby in Paula Verhoeven’s womb is fine.

“In fact, the doctor said that the danger is not the child but his wife (pregnant mother),” he said.

This condition was caused because Paula Verhoeven was not allowed to take drugs because she was having two bodies.

Baim also witnessed his wife’s suffering with dengue fever with his own eyes.

“Because actually pregnant women can’t take medicine when DHF. Just imagine being sick like that, he can’t take medicine, he can’t because he’s pregnant. Oh, that’s not very good,” he said.

He admitted that he could only surrender and surrender everything to God.

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However, Baim was reluctant to show his concern in front of his wife so as not to cause panic.

“Surely this, but I don’t see it, I just leave it to the one above. I’m sure I’ll be fine, just like that,” he said.

Now Paula Verhoeven can get through it all, she returns home to gather with Kiano and Baim Wong after recovering from DHF.


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