PD’s Attorney: Deli Serdang KLB lawsuit is unclear

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1NEWS – The attorney for the DPP for the Democratic Party (PD) Hamdan Zoelva considered that the lawsuit from the Deli Serdang KLB was unclear.

This is because the arguments of the plaintiffs’ claims are mixed.

“The argument for the lawsuit against the TUN object is the argument for the claim for an internal party dispute which is the domain and authority of the Party Court,” he said in a statement received by 1NEWS, Thursday (2/9).

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According to the former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK), the Jakarta Administrative Court does not have the authority to try this case.

“Because the argument of the plaintiffs’ lawsuit is internal to the Democratic Party,” he said.

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Hamdan said that the Political Party Law states that political party disputes are resolved internally through the Party Court.

“The decision of the Party Court is final and binding,” he said.

Meanwhile, Member of Commission III of the Indonesian House of Representatives Hinca Pandjaitan explained that the Democratic Party DPP had submitted 31 pieces of evidence.


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