Police open CCTV footage, perpetrator of Subang murder caught on camera

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CCTV murder of Subang

The Subang Police confirmed that the murder case that killed Tuti Suhartini and Amalia Mustika had entered its final stages. Because, they have found a number of additional evidence, ranging from white shoes, driver’s license, helmet, and lastly, CCTV camera footage.

According to news circulating, the victim’s residence did not have a CCTV camera. However, the monitoring lens can be found not far from the scene of the murder. However, according to the information we received, the movements of the perpetrators were known through the recording.

The Head of Public Relations of the West Java Police, Kombes Erdi A. Chaniago said his party had opened and studied the contents of the CCTV footage. However, unfortunately, he has not been able to reveal it to the public, and asked for a little more time.

“For the time being, related to the CCTV instructions, we have secured them, are being studied and analyzed by investigators from the Subang Police,” said Kombes Erdi A. Chaniago at the West Java Regional Police, quoted on Thursday September 2021.

CCTV of Subang’s murder. Youtube photo of Heri Susanto

Although he asked for additional time, he made sure that the public would not have to wait any longer. Because, in the near future, the perpetrators will soon be announced.

“So the point is that until now investigators are still working to collect evidence and clues, God willing, in the near future it can be revealed who the perpetrators are,” he continued.

Police find the culprit?

The local police implicitly admitted to having pocketed the name of the perpetrator of the murder. However, as previously mentioned, they do not want to reveal it to the public. Because, there are still a number of checks that must be done to strengthen the belief.

“Please be patient, we are waiting for the forensic results and some things, if the results are digital, we are still waiting,” said Kombes Erdi.

Subang Police Chief AKBP Sumarni questioned Yosef
Subang Police Chief AKBP Sumarni questioned Yosef. Youtube photo of Heri Susanto

Although he could not reveal it, he confirmed that the killer was the closest person who knew the victim very well. As for the announcement, it is likely that it will be made public shortly.

The killers of Tuti and Amalia in Subang are close people

The certainty about the perpetrator who was the closest person to the victim was first revealed by the Subang Police Chief, AKBP Sumarni to the media. He explained that the conclusion was taken after his party did not find any damage at the entrance to the house or the crime scene.

So, it can be ascertained, the suspect understands the location of the murder.

“There are indications that the perpetrator and the victim knew each other. Because at the crime scene, the entrance to the victim’s house was not damaged. So the front and back doors were not damaged, nor were the windows. No scuff marks or anything. Therefore, it is estimated that the perpetrator knew the victim,” explained AKBP Sumarni.

The police themselves have examined a number of witnesses including Yosef, Mimin, and the victim’s father. So far, they believe, the two victims were killed in a cruel and vicious way.

“We also collected evidence at the crime scene, including the clothes at the crime scene worn by one of the witnesses, where the clothes were stained with blood,” he said.

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