Prediction Peru vs Uruguay, 2022 World Cup Qualification Phase in the South American Zone

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1NEWS – According to the plan, in a few days the South American zone World Cup qualifying event will color the middle of this week. Practically American football followers will be quite happy and entertained this middle of the week.

It is estimated that at least five parties will be held on the same day on Friday this week. Automatically like it or not, all teams or countries must immediately prepare their squads because there are only two days from now. Not only that, the countries of the South American continent must be able to immediately gather the ranks of the players. Because usually many are constrained by the delay in the ranks of players who join the country’s squad after defending their club.

As planned, on Friday there will be a very tough match, namely Peru vs Uruguay. In the middle of this week there will really be a lot of star wars because the five parties that are held are all top. Peru and Uruguay themselves are actually quite often met, practically the strength of the two countries is no longer common.

It seems like Peru and Uruguay also already know each other and moreover a few months ago just had the Copa America. What is clear, the Peru contra Uruguay party will be very thrilling because the dynamics are expected to be more intense. As scheduled by best slot gambling site In Asia, Peru will clash with Uruguay on Friday morning, September 3, 2021, at 08.00 WIB.

Uruguay tries to move Ecuador in 3rd position

If you look deeper into the Uruguay squad, of course, this country’s squad is quite solid and spartan. In terms of player material or tactical terms, Uruguay are all quite solid at the moment. Not only that, mentally it also seems quite flashy because Uruguay has a lot of experience.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 2022 World Cup qualification this time is not too difficult for Uruguay. However, it should also be noted that the Americas zone World Cup qualifiers are currently in week six. At least there will be a few more matches left in the group phase of the South American zone, consistency will be a challenge.

In this case, it seems that in the future Uruguay will have its own target in the Americas zone World Cup qualifiers. Reportedly Uruguay is now determined to overtake Ecuador’s position in the third ranking of the temporary group stage standings. If the Peru vs Uruguay match will be won by Uruguay, automatically the opportunity to overtake Ecuador is getting wider.

Peru is in danger of sinking

While the Peruvian camp itself also did not want to lose and was submissive when fighting against Uruguay in the middle of this week. But it should also be noted that Peru is currently in a very bad trend.

The slumped conditions experienced by Peru at this time are enough to make the players feel mentally dropped. In that case, the Peru squad should fight later Uruguay should be able to win. Because if you win against Uruguay, of course the points will be very useful for their existence in the group phase.

However, if Peru is beaten by Uruguay, they will automatically be in danger of sinking further into the bottom of this year’s group stage standings. Inevitably Peru must be able to think of a way to overthrow its opponent in Friday’s match, namely Uruguay.

Score Prediction for Peru vs Uruguay 03 September 2021

The player material factor seems to be the main key, therefore Uruguay is expected to have a great chance to win. The prediction of the Peru vs Uruguay score seems to favor Uruguay because mentally it is also more formed. Most observers prefer Uruguay to win 1 – 2 over Peru this weekend.

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