Problem Solved, Bruno Silva Confirmed To Strengthen PSIS Semarang To Face Persela | 1NEWS

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Assistant Coach or Caretaker of PSIS Semarang, Imran Nahumarury said that Mahesa Jenar bomber Bruno Silva will certainly strengthen the team in the inaugural match of Liga 1 2021/2022.

As is known, PSIS Semarang is scheduled to face Persela Lamongan at the Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, Bekasi, Saturday (4/9/2021).

However, ahead of the inaugural match, PSIS Semarang actually felt the heat of team training because of the problems that occurred between Bruno Silva and Komarudin.

Bruno Silva and Komarudin allegedly clashed during team training on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

As a result of the noise, the Brazilian player was absent from team training.

However, currently the dispute between the mainstay bomber of PSIS Semarang and Komarudin has been resolved.

Imran Nahumarury said that the dispute occurred due to a misunderstanding between the players in the middle of the field.

But currently Bruno Silva and Komarudin have forgiven each other and there is no problem according to Imran.

“Bruno Silva is done. Usually in football there must be an incident like that. And that is also part of the process,” said Imran Nahumarury to, Wednesday (1/9/2021).

“It’s because of their training to fight, so an incident like that happened. So they both don’t want to give in,” he said.

The dispute is over, so Bruno Silva is certain to also go to Jakarta to strengthen the team to face Persela later.

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The former Indonesian national team player also said that Bruno Silva, who had been absent from training, had joined the team.

He also appreciated the 30-year-old player for remaining professional and apologized first.

According to Imran, Bruno is also quite sorry about the incident so he hopes it will not happen again in the future.

“Bruno went to Jakarta with us. The problem has been solved and he has apologized and we appreciate it because my friends always give 100 percent in training,” said the coach from Maluku.

“So if there is an incident like that, it’s natural. I always say to the children that all players are the same, no one is given a golden age. So if there is a problem we solve it. And it’s over,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the team nicknamed Mahesa Jenar is certain to leave for Jakarta today, Thursday (2/9/2021) morning WIB.

PSIS brought 25 players to face a team called Laskar Jokor Tingkir later.

Although he had to lose one foreign player, namely Brian Ferreira, who had to miss the hamstring injury he suffered.


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