Processing the Waste of Prayers at Besakih Temple –

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newsbali/ist/Remains of worship at Besakih Temple., KARANASEM.
Besakih Temple is known as the largest temple area in Bali which of course produces large amounts of waste for prayer facilities.
In fact, there is a study that estimates the waste from praying at Besakih Temple reaches one ton per day. The students of the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) tried to process this waste so that it had economic value by cooperating with local youth organizations.

When praying, Hindus need canang and offerings consisting of organic ingredients, such as coconut leaves, various kinds of flowers, pandan leaves, and others. Local villagers are often confused in managing the organic waste.

Meanwhile, the existing programs tend to focus on processing plastic waste. These factors cause the accumulation of organic waste in Besakih Village.

This problem then came to the attention of three IPB students who were doing community service through the PKM (Student Creativity Program) competition organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

The team from IPB was chaired by I Dewa Gede Wicaksana Prabaswara, consisting of Rafid Rizqullah and Gde Bayu Pangestu Aw, and accompanied by lecturer Ir. Ngakan Komang Kutha Ardana, M.Sc. They run a program titled BESAclean (an acronym for Besakih Clean) by inviting the Giri Kusuma Youth Organization in Besakih as partners for their community service program.

The program being carried out is processing organic waste left over from praying from the temple area into compost (solid and liquid) and essential oils which can later be sold by the community to improve their economy.

In addition, the development of an agro edutourism area in Besakih Village which has been designed in a 3-dimensional form and started to be worked on in the field aims to introduce waste processing methods in the area as well as to show the products that have been made by the community.

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