Recommended 5 Aloe Vera Body Lotion That Makes Skin Cool. Starting Price 7 Thousand!

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Benefits of aloe vera for beauty is no longer in doubt. This content is known to be able to overcome various skin problems. No wonder so many beauty products use aloe vera as the content. Effect aloe vera when applied to the skin will give a cool, moist and soothing sensation.

One of the beauty products that use aloe vera in it is hand body. This is the row hand body varied aloe vera or aloe vera, which you should try, will definitely give you a cool sensation on your skin!

1. Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion, sold for around 32,000 rupiah

Product hand body from vaseline this one contains pure aloe extract which can refresh your skin. Its light texture makes hand body This one absorbs quickly without feeling sticky. You can dispense an adequate amount of this lotion in your hands and apply it all over your skin. Skin becomes fresher and not dry anymore!

2. Citra Fresh White UV Body Gel, sold for around 24,000 rupiah

Citra Fresh White UV Body Gel contains a new formula with 100% natural essence fresh aloe vera rich in multivitamins. Using this product will provide long-lasting nutrition and moisture to your skin. Not only that, the body gel product from this image also has a claim to brighten and refresh and contains a UV filter too. Very complete, right?

3. Purbasari Hand and Body Lotion Aloe Vera, sold for around 22,000 rupiah

If you usually find Pursusari products in the form of a scrub, you also need to try the product hand body from this one primeval. Packaged in 100 gram packaging only makes hand body It can be carried when traveling outside the house. This product contains aloe vera which can moisturize the skin and also a UV filter that protects from the sun. The texture is not too thick and tends to watery, makes this product so much easier to apply.

4. Placenta Whitening Hand & Body Gel Lotion Aloe Vera, sold for around 20,000 rupiah

Placenta also has variants hand body gel lotion variant aloe vera which can soften and refresh your skin. In addition to providing a cool effect, this product from placenta is also enriched with vitamins and minerals whitening extract and vitamin B3 lol!

5. Emeron Body Lotion Lovely Cool & Bright Aloe Vera, sold for around 7,000 rupiah

This body lotion product from Emeron is very affordable in terms of price. Even though, hand body this one can still moisturize and also brighten your skin. Its light texture makes it easy to absorb into your skin. In addition to aloe vera, this lotion from Emeron is also equipped with niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, centella asiatica extract also!

That’s the row hand body who can make cool because of the content aloe vera inside it. Very suitable for use in hot and uncertain weather like today. Of the five products above, have you tried one of them yet, SoHip?


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