Regent Reminds Sleman’s New Billionaire Not to Spend Away

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1NEWS, Sleman Regent Kustini Sri Purnomo asked residents affected by the toll road project to wisely spend land compensation money.

Kustini reminded that the first priority for recipients of this compensation is to find new housing. Followed by other basic needs after that.

After basic needs are met, Kustini advises residents to open new businesses. Thus, residents can be more productive to ensure future survival.

“Either way to make MSMEs, food stalls, or shops. I hope the profit will be used for productive things rather than consumptive,” said Kustini, Wednesday (1/9/2021).

Kustini admitted that he had received reports about several residents who spent compensation money to buy cars or other consumptive needs. He also cautioned that primary needs would be prioritized.

“It’s okay to buy a car, motorbike or other secondary needs. As long as primary needs such as housing, the business has been fulfilled,” he added.

Several points or areas of Sleman have been recorded as locations affected by the construction of the Yogyakarta-Bawen and Yogyakarta-Solo toll roads. Some residents whose lands were evicted have received compensation for land acquisition, such as residents of Padukuhan Sanggarahan and Pundong, Tirtoadi.

In Tirtoadi Village itself, there are 260 plots of land affected by the Yogya-Bawen toll road construction alone.

According to Kustini, the majority or around 96 percent of the residents in the village have received disbursements since August 19, 2021.

From the data he received, there were residents who received compensation even up to Rp. 12.5 billion.

“Of course there will be residents who have a lot of money. We advise you to use it as well as possible. Don’t waste it,” concluded Kustini. []


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