Rully Nuryawan, a Fake Prosecutor Who Receives Bribes and Dredges Up to Billions of Rupiah – Boombastis

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The media world has recently been stirred up by the arrest of Rully Nuryawan, a fake prosecutor who is suspected of having succeeded in defrauding someone who is currently litigating at the KPK. Shortly after enjoying the results of the fraud, he was finally arrested by the Intelligence Team of the Attorney General’s Office, the Central Java Attorney General’s Office, and West Java. Rully himself was responded to on August 24, 2021 at the Patra Semarang hotel, where he was staying.

Previously, the perpetrators managed to outsmart their victims and even earn hundreds of millions for claiming to be the Deputy Attorney General for Intelligence at the Attorney General’s Office with the rank of Junior Main Prosecutor. So, what is the action of this fake prosecutor? Here’s the review.

Successfully rake in billions of money

Armed with a false identity, legal knowledge, and also the ability to communicate, Rully made billions of rupiah. This was only revealed after one of Rully’s victims reported the fraud that was being carried out by Rully. The Attorney General’s Office, Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak, explained that Rully’s arrest was initiated by a public complaint.

Rully Nuryawan [sumber gambar]

They said the perpetrators had committed fraud in the management of IT procurement projects at the Central West Java Bank worth Rp. 40 billion. The perpetrators themselves have received Rp. 1.9 billion. Not only that, Rully also received Rp. 300 million from someone known to settle cases at the KPK.

Victims of fake prosecutors

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The Central Java Attorney General’s Office finally arrested Heri Sukamto, as the head of the Yogyakarta branch of PT Duta Mas Indah. Heri was arrested in the aftermath of the Rully Nuryawan case, which was first arrested. Heri was questioned regarding the finding of around Rp. 300 million in cash when Rully was arrested. It is known that the money came from Heri, who previously asked Rully for help in solving his case with the KPK.

What Rully offered to the victim

Rully Nuryawan [sumber gambar]

As explained earlier, Rully did introduce himself as a Prosecutor. Not only that, he also admitted that he had been assigned to the KPK so that he could handle cases there. Their relationship was only about two and a half months. But Rully’s ability is not kidding. He managed to convince Heri that Heri also entrusted his case to Rully, and did not hesitate to pour hundreds of funds.

Not alone in doing the action

KPK party [sumber gambar]

In carrying out the action, Rully was not alone, he was assisted by a friend with the initials MBS (46). Following Rully Nuryawan, MBS was finally arrested in the Bogor area, West Java. From the results of the examination, it is suspected that MBS also received Rp600 million from the proceeds of fraud committed by Rully. After being arrested, MBS was immediately taken to the West Java Prosecutor’s Office. It is known that MBS was the one who helped dress Rully when the 53-year-old man was about to become a fake prosecutor.

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That’s a little review about Rully Nuryawan, the fake prosecutor. Nowadays, there are ways for people to make money. Hopefully the story above can open our eyes, not to easily believe in people who claim to be unscrupulous.

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