Saipul Jamil’s Story, Trauma and Don’t Want to Go to Prison – Latest Celeb News

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Saipul Jamil is finally free after serving a 5-year prison term for immorality and bribery. Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband said that life in prison was not young.

Hence, the 41-year-old man was traumatized and did not want to go to jail anymore. He will make that experience a part of the history of his life.

“It must be (trauma), the main thing is that this is clearly a life experience and life history. So who wants to go to jail? I also if I can live without going through like this. But, coming here, like it or not, I got a lot of knowledge,” said Saipul Jamil.

Met at Cipinang Prison, East Jakarta, Wednesday (2/9), the man who is familiarly called Bang Ipul immediately left the prison with his family and friends by riding a Ferrari car.

“I’m really happy to be honest, life hasn’t come together like someone who just woke up, still sleeping. Very happy,” he said.

“Today, as I intend to go to the graves of my parents, I also want to go to the graves of my late wife, after that I want to bathe in the sea. So far, I have been bathing in prison water,” he concluded.

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