Seola WJSN Discusses Bathroom Door Photo With ‘Warning’ in Indonesian on VLive | Kpop Chart

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One of the WJSN members, Seola, has recently become a topic of conversation for fans in Indonesia due to her latest upload on Instagram.

On September 1, 2021, Seola uploaded a series of photos that she considered beautiful, one of which featured a small purple flower.

However, what caught the attention of Indonesian fans was the flower background which turned out to be a former bathroom with an inscription containing a warning typical of public bathrooms in Indonesia.

This surprised fans and laughed because they didn’t expect Seola to upload the photo on her Instagram, which has now been deleted by the WJSN member.

Through her latest VLive broadcast, Seola discussed the story behind her upload that made Indonesian fans excited.

Seola said that at first, she and Eunseo liked to take pictures of locations that they thought were beautiful. Seola uploaded the viral photo because there were small, beautiful purple flowers. However, shortly after he uploaded it, he got a call that the words contained in the photo were not something good.

So embarrassed, Seola admitted that he wanted to delete his account. Fortunately, one of the WJSN vocalists only deleted the post and re-uploaded it without a photo of the bathroom door which Indonesian netizens thought was the former location of the Indonesian citizen’s mess.

Because of this, Seola also promised to start learning Indonesian so that a similar incident doesn’t happen in the future. (1NEWS)

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