Super Relaxed, Sarwendah `Ngantor` Wearing Negligee | 1NEWS

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Sarwendah© Photo: Instagram @sarwendah29

In the short video, Sarwendah seems to be waving her hair, which now looks even more beautiful. Her straight hair was made more elegant with wavy hair makeup.

Not only wavy, her hair is also dyed with color ash brown which is quite bright. While the top and ends of the hair have a darker color shading.

Sarwendah left her black hair color to match her husband. Both now have the same hair color.

Couple hair, yes, @ruben_onsu, said Sarwendah.

Sarwendah© Photo: Instagram @sarwendah29

Sarwendah’s portrait with a new hairstyle immediately grabbed the attention of netizens. Not a few who praised him for appearing younger like ABG. There are also those who call it like Rose Blackpink.

The glow-up version of the younger version of the mother is incomparable,” said @amanda_laqifa.

Charmed mom,” said @dont_worriy22

I already have 3 children, but the ABG looks so cute,” praise @filyzius_24

Mother So Beautiful Like Rose Blackpink,” said @windy.agustina.796

“Rose blackpink Indo version,” replied @ask.mala

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