SuperM MV Takedown From YouTube Due to Lucas Scandal? | Kpop Chart

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Recently, fans have noticed that some of SuperM’s music videos have been taken down or removed from YouTube.

The music video, which was taken down from YouTube, is a music video for SuperM’s collaboration with the South Korean airline, Korean Air, entitled ‘Let’s Go Everywhere’.

Not only the ‘Let’s Go Everywhere’ music video, several SuperM and Korean Air collaboration videos entitled ‘Safety Video’, ‘Safety Video – Our Special Livery Of SuperM’ and ‘Safety Video – Behind the Scenes’ have also disappeared from YouTube. .

Although there has been no official explanation from Korean Air, fans speculate that the video’s decline was triggered by a scandal involving one of SuperM’s personnel, Lucas.

As has often been reported before, several Korean and Chinese fans claimed to have been taken advantage of by Lucas when dating him. (1NEWS)

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