Support for Memories of Mirdad from Lydia Kandou and Naysila Mirdad

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Support for Memories Mirdad

Support for Kenang Mirdad in the midst of a divorce lawsuit filed by the Tyna Kanna Mirdad celebrity is now in the spotlight. The reason is, the support came from Kenang’s mother, Lydia Kandou and her sister, Naysila Mirdad .

Known as a romantic couple, Tyna Kanna is now a hot topic of conversation after allegedly having an affair with Memories Mirdad.

After rumors of infidelity surfaced, Tyna filed for divorce from her husband which further revealed the rumors of his affair.

Knowing that their son and sister are facing divorce, Lydia Kandou and Naysila Mirdad provide support for Kenang.

Lydia Kandou and Naysila Mirdad provide support for Memories Mirdad (Instagram/@lydiakandou_)

What kind of support do they provide? Come on, find out more details here!

Support for Memories of Mirdad from Lydia Kandou and Naysila Mirdad

After Kenang was sued for divorce from his wife, Tyna Kanna, on Monday, August 30, 2021, Lydia Kandou and Naysila Mirdad both provided support for the 34-year-old man.

1. Support for Mirdad Memories from Lydia Kandou

Remember Mirdad and Lydia Kandou Support for Memories Mirdad from Lydia Kandou (Instagram/@kenangmirdad)

Lydia uploaded a few sentences to encourage her son. Jamal Mirdad’s ex-wife also touched on the issue of being betrayed.

“You’ve tried to be a good father and husband who is responsible to the best of your ability,” he said.

Furthermore, the 58-year-old woman mentioned being betrayed. This also confirms the allegation that Tyna Kanna has had an affair with a man who had been active in playing a number of soap opera titles from 2012 to 2016.

“You were betrayed, but you chose to forgive and still accept him,” he said.

Then, support for Kenang Mirdad was immediately given by the movie star Benjamin Biang Kerok. He also praised Kenang Mirdad as a good husband and head of the household.

“Don’t be discouraged, dear. Even though it’s all not appreciated. You’ve tried to do with great love for all the best in your household,” he said.

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2. Naysila Mirdad’s support for her brother

Remember Mirdad and Naysila Naysila Mirdad’s support for her brother (Instagram/@kenangmirdad)

Besides Lydia Kandou, support for Kenang Mirdad also came from Naysila Mirdad. He made sure, all the problems of Memories will be resolved soon.

In Lydia’s upload, the screenshot is a chat from one of her daughters, Naysila, who provides support for her sister.

“My mind can’t lie, right. Last night I dreamed of Kang Nang sitting alone on the sofa, just silent and smiling. Then today I read the ‘new’ news (about divorce) again. Can’t say much, I just hope you know that We are not alone. We are here for you and I want to remind you that you are loved by many people, especially us. Never blame yourself because we also know that Sis Nang has tried to give the best for Ms. Nang’s household. You are an extraordinary person , Sis. Sis Nang is great, Sis Nang is strong and God has a better plan for Sis Nang’s life. Be strong, Sis,” he wrote.

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3. Divorce Lawsuit Reinforces Infidelity News

Remember Mirdad and Tyna Kanna Divorce Lawsuit Confirms Infidelity News(Instagram/@kenangmirdad)

Tyna Kanna sued Kenang Mirdad at the South Jakarta Religious Court. South Jakarta PA Public Relations Officer, Taslimah confirmed the news.

Tyna registered the lawsuit with the South Jakarta PA with case number 20/0982/PDTg/2021/PAJS. The two will undergo their first divorce trial on September 21, 2021.

“Tyna Dwi Jayanti bint R Dwi Handoyo filed a divorce suit against Kenang Mirdad bin Jamal Mirdad. The entry is registered at the South Jakarta PA Registrar’s Office as of August 30, 2021,” said South Jakarta PA Public Relations Officer, Taslimah, as reported by the Jakarta Post. Compass.

Just to note, from this marriage, Tyna Kanna and Kenang Mirdad were blessed with two children.

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4. Action Unfollow Nana and Naysila Mirdad

Support for Memories Mirdad Action Unfollow Nana and Naysila Mirdad (Instagram/@kenangmirdad)

So far, Tyna Kanna and Kenang Mirdad have been seen as a harmonious couple because their household is free of slanted gossip.

They also often show solidarity by cycling together. Not only that, Tyna is also known to be close to Kenang’s brother and sister, namely Nana Mirdad and Naysila Mirdad.

However, in the last few days, their household has been hit by unpleasant rumors. Tyna Kanna is reportedly having an affair with Kenang Mirdad with a friend of his bicycle community.

The actions of Kenang’s siblings, Naysilla Mirdad and Nana Mirdad, stopped following Tyna Kanna’s Instagram account, along with the viral slant issue that stole the attention. netizens.

Apart from action unfollow, uploads of wise words from Naysila and Nana Mirdad were also in the spotlight.

However, Naysila Mirdad made sure that the words of wisdom uploaded on her Insta Story were not meant to insinuate her brother-in-law.

Those are words of support for Memories of Mirdad from their mother, Lydia Kandou and Naysilla Mirdad.

Hopefully the problems between Tyna Kanna and Kenang Mirdad can be resolved even though they are at the court, Parents!

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