Survived the KKB attack, how to escape TNI soldiers gives goosebumps

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Illustration of elite TNI troops.  Photo: St.

A TNI soldier who survived the attack by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) during the attack on the Posramil, said that his actions to save himself gave goosebumps.

From the description of the video uploaded by Infokomando, one of the surviving soldiers said that he ran behind the posramil when dozens of KKB attacked using weapons.

Even this TNI soldier had to jump into the river to avoid dozens of KKB who were looking for him when he was found to have fled from the back door.

Illustration of elite TNI troops. Photo: St.

“I ran behind and immediately jumped into the river behind the posramil,” said the soldier in response to his colleague who was interrogating him.

This TNI soldier also admitted that when he jumped into the river, several members of the KKB kept looking for him. So he had to dive into the river to eliminate the traces of the pursuit of KKB.

Some of the questions that were successfully recorded and uploaded through the infokomando Instagram account, explained that the Posramil attacker used a weapon.

“It’s true that they brought the shoots (weapons) estimated to be homemade models,” said the witness who wore a long black t-shirt with the words raiders on it.

In chronological order, KKB had little guts and did not dare to face TNI members who were at the Kisor Posramil, South Aifat District, Maybrat Regency, West Papua Thursday morning.

Living witness for TNI members
Living witness TNI member killed Photo: infokomando

The attack carried out by an armed criminal group against 4 TNI members to death was apparently carried out by fraudulent means.

When carrying out the attack based on information, the TNI officer who died was known to be resting at the posramil. As many as tens of KKB are said to have attacked Posramil with full weapons.

The four members of the Indonesian Army were attacked while sleeping at the Kisor Posramil. The four members of the Indonesian Army who were found dead were Serda Amrosius, Praka Dirham, Private Zul Ansari, and First Lieutenant Chb Dirman.

Two generals of TPNPB OPM
Two generals of TPNPB OPM. TPNPB OPM’s Facebook photo

The three members of the Indonesian Army, each Serda Amrosius, Praka Dirham, and Private Zul Ansari were found dead in the Posramil. Meanwhile, First Lieutenant Chb Dirman, Commander of Posramil Kisor, was found dead in the bushes not far from the post.

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