Take a peek at the sports car used to pick up Saipul Jamil, the tax is the price of a motorbike

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Swordsman Saipul Jamil waves to the media crew as he leaves the Cipinang Penitentiary, East Jakarta, Thursday (2/9/2021). [Suara.com/Alfian Winanto]

When he got out of prison, Saipul Jamil got a lot of attention because he was picked up in a red sports car.

The car was driven by his girlfriend, Indah Sari. Saipul also looked happy and had time to stand on the passenger seat of the car.

Apart from the release of Bang Ipul from Cipinang prison, Thursday (2/9/2021), the game he was riding was quite interesting to watch.

This car with the number B 1338 ZEQ is a German crime, the 2011 Porsche Boxter.

Swordsman Saipul Jamil waved to their crew while leaving the Cipinang Correctional Center, East Jakarta, us (2/9/2021). [Suara.com/Alfian Winanto]

Based on data obtained from the website of the West Java Bapenda, the car is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 2.9 L with an automatic transmission.

Diktір агі usnews, this six-cylinder engine engine is capable of supplying up to 255 horsepower.

In the case of a single car, this incident also varies, ranging from 700-800 thousands of rupiah.

Porsche tax used to pick up Saipul Jamil.  (Bapenda West Java)
The Porsche stake used to pick up Saipul Jamil. (Bapenda West Java)

Luxurious and powerful engine, no wonder if this car is not cheap.

For the withholding tax, the meаһ car ridden by Saipul Jamil was charged with an аа аја аа Rp. 17,573,400.

TегѕеЬυt taxes are certainly not far off with the price of entry-level automatic motorcycles in the same class as the Yamaha Mio or the new generation Honda Beat.

Sources: sound.com

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