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Some time ago, Liga 1 Club 2021, Arema FC held a competition to determine the name of the team bus.

To be precise, the competition was conducted through the club’s official Instagram account which began on 19 August.

Almost two weeks passed, finally the contest process ended.

On September 1, Arema FC officially found the right name for its new bus.

The name chosen is Jenggala.

However, in writing the letter g is replaced with the number 9 to become Jen99ala which represents the president, namely Gilang Widya Pramana or often called Juragan 99.

Meanwhile, the name Jenggala itself has a fairly deep meaning.

“Jenggala according to the KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary) means ‘Rimba Forest’,” wrote Arema FC, reported by from the club’s official Instagram.

“As we know that the forest is the life support for almost all living things, including the king of the jungle.”

“Jenggala also has the nature of words that seem haunted, spooky, majestic, gripping, with the hope of being able to provide psychological pressure for any opponent who sees and hears his name with the Arema players in it who have the soul of a lion,” he continued.

The winner of this competition is the Instagram account in the name of @rinozip.

Thanks to his success, @rinozip is entitled to a prize in the form of a motorbike.


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