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Squid games premiere trailer

Netflix will soon present the latest Korean series entitled Squid Game on September 17. Starring by Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae Soo, this thriller presents an imaginative story about participants who risk their lives in a mysterious game of survival to win 45.6 billion won.

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk introduces the Squid Game as “a grand allegory that describes contemporary capitalist society”, and how the participants with their own backstory are pressured by the intense competition in modern life.

The series poster also shows a unique contrast between the colorful visuals and the horror that radiates from the participants, plus the appearance of a strange giant robot behind them.

Ahead of its release, Squid Game also released a new trailer that shows a glimpse of the scale of this game, as well as the various upheavals experienced by its participants.

Gi-hun’s character (Lee Jung-jae) dials the phone number on a business card that shows the circle, triangle, and square symbols. Soon, he wakes up in a colorful strange place, where 456 participants with their own life problems are gathered.

Before the game starts, participants are given a warning, If you don’t want to play, let us know now

Despite having the option to leave, all participants persisted in the hope of winning big prizes. As soon as the game started, the arena that had looked like a children’s playground turned into chaos.

In order to win prizes and survive, the participants were forced to risk the lives of other participants. In very uncertain conditions, who will be the winner of this mysterious game? (cinemas)

Squid games premiere trailer

Don’t miss the Squid Game premiere on September 17th, only on Netflix!

Note: Of course, don’t forget the news that has been confirmed by the Management SOOP agency that Gong Yoo will make a special appearance in the Netflix series entitled Squid Games. It is said that he agreed to appear in this series because it was directed by director Hwang Dong Hyuk, who had directed the film Silenced which also starred the actor.

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