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It is no longer a secret that Adiwira’s film is now the world’s top film star. Previously it was only liked by a handful of people, namely children and comic lovers, now almost all moviegoers generally like it, even though in fact they have never read the comic before, or because of the factor of who plays it. Superhero films are usually not made with the goal of winning an Oscar, but for comic book fans who will flock to theaters to watch their favorite characters come to life on the big screen. For this reason, it is worth questioning the benchmark for the success of the adiwira genre film, especially with regard to non-comic enthusiasts, let alone film critics. With the variety of adiwira films that later appeared, it becomes interesting why one adiwira film is hated while others are being praised. So without further ado, here are the top 10 most hated superhero films of all time by various circles, especially critics.

  1. Green Lantern (2011)

Thanks to his performance as the antihero Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has proven to have earned the love and positive reputation of superhero movie fans everywhere, but his first big hero role, the Green Lantern he played in the past, failed to impress many people and instead drew a lot of criticism. This most hated superhero film is labeled noisy, over-produced, has a shallow storyline, and is considered a waste of the huge budget that was spent on it while destroying the mythology of the comic saga. It didn’t stop there, for the acting aspect, Reynolds’ chemistry with his co-star Blake Lively also got the spotlight that the two were not convincing enough as a couple, although then ironically, in real life, after his failed marriage to Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have now become one of the most harmonious and harmonious couple in Hollywood till now.

  1. Superman III (1983)

As the first big Hollywood superhero saga and the pioneer of superhero films in the future, the Superman saga certainly has many shortcomings, but thanks to Christopher Reeve’s convincing performance, which is ideal as Superman, in the first two films it has been successfully covered. However, entering the third installment, this is less helpful. As a result, the Superman film series, which is actually campy, becomes even more ridiculous here. Here, Superman confronts a computer genius who builds a living supercomputer who attacks Superman with Kryptonite rays and mysteriously turns a woman into a cyborg. Superman III has become one of the most hated superhero films because its presentation is like a slap in the face to Superman fans who previously expected a dish that was at least close to the quality that has been achieved in the second film, not towards comedy as presented by Richard Lester here.

  1. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Superman III is ridiculous, but Christopher Reeve’s Superman franchise has finally hit rock bottom with Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, which was released four years later. Even though it actually features an antagonist who is Superman’s equivalent, Superman IV has received a lot of criticism because this film features some of the worst special effects in the franchise. This most hated superhero film also effectively ended Man of Steel’s cinematic performance until 2006, when Bryan Singer released Superman Returns. In fact, in many ways, the light and bright tone of this film by critics was labeled as no different from the Batman v Superman presentation which was too serious and dark. Is it possible that the combination of these two films will produce the perfect superhero film?

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