The number of FK Senica fans skyrockets, Egy Maulana Vikri is not burdened | 1NEWS

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Young Indonesian midfielder Egy Maulana Vikri admitted that he was not burdened by the skyrocketing number of FK Senica fans after he was announced to be part of the Slovak Super Liga club.

Indonesian netizens did invade Senica’s official Instagram account after they announced the recruitment of Egy. This can not be separated from the follower base of Egy’s Instagram account which reaches 1.4 million.

This number of millions certainly has an influence on Senica’s Instagram account. As of Thursday (2/9), the number of followers has reached more than 51 thousand. In fact, this number is considered to be more even though the social media of all clubs in the Slovak Super League are combined.

Egy revealed that he had anticipated this situation beforehand. The raid on the social media accounts of European and Asian clubs reinforced by Indonesian players is a common thing.

“Yes, we knew something like this would happen. Indonesian people are very crazy and love football. I can say that football is one of the favorite sports in Indonesia,” explained Egy in his statement via the club’s official YouTube channel.

“They see footballers going to Europe, playing there, and maybe they are proud of that. So this is a normal thing for us (Indonesian footballers abroad).”

“For me, this is normal, nothing surprising. But that’s what they are. They really like football.”

Even though he only arrived in Senica earlier this week, Egy admitted that he felt comfortable. The warm welcome from both management and players at Senica made him feel very welcome.

In uploading photos on the club’s official Instagram account, Egy is seen following training with his new colleagues. This Medan-born player doesn’t look awkward mingling with old Senica players.

“The people here are very nice. I feel comfortable when I come to this club. The stadium is good, the players are friendly too,” said the 21-year-old.

Senica was founded in 1921 under the name Zelezna Unia Senica. The use of the name FK Senica was only enforced in 2006. They have never once tasted the title of champion, because they often dwell in the middle board. The highest gains were obtained as runner-up in 2010/11 and 2012/13.


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