The Story of a Woman from Yogyakarta Having ART from 5 Countries, from Indonesia Makes Emotions | 1NEWS

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ART From Indonesia Makes Emotions

The last time, he was made emotional by an ART figure from his own country. One time, the household member who worked at her home was being approached by her husband. The two of them actually watched TV until it made him emotional.

“This is ART that has made me emotional. On weekends, her husband comes to visit his wife and watch TV in the living room. I sleep, at night I wake up and have to pass through the TV room,” he explained.

When she was about to open the bedroom door, how surprised Dewi was when she heard a strange sound. Emotions, he was desperate to open the door and through the two.

“I heard something unnatural, I waited, and the sigh didn’t end. I was waiting, emotional, and I couldn’t stand it, so I passed,” he explained.

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Apparently the ART and her husband were worshiping, performing night prayers as well as dhikr. The beautiful woman immediately felt guilty because she had bad prejudice against the ART.

“I opened the door but did not know what they were doing? They turned out to be praying tahajjud, they were doing dhikr. How they were doing worship that I had previously suspected. I was emotional with my own prejudice,” he said.

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