The Story of Jack Wilshere Wants to Play in an Italian Club Owned by Indonesians, but Is Blocked by Brexit

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“The goddess of luck does not seem willing to approach this former Arsenal player.”

1NEWS – The puzzle of Jack Wilshere’s future has finally begun to unfold. The former Arsenal player is currently training at the Indonesian businessman’s Serie B club, Como, to explore the possibility of joining as a free agent, even though the transfer window has closed. Unfortunately, Wilshere’s status is now a non-EU player after Brexit was passed.

The 29-year-old midfielder is without a club after his six-month contract with Bournemouth expires on 1 July 2021. Unfortunately, he has not received offers from other English clubs.

Had difficulty finding a club throughout the 2021 summer transfer window, Wilshere’s story reached Dennis Wise’s ears. The Chelsea legend, who has the status of Technical Director of Garuda Select and Technical Consultant of Como, offered Wilshere to train in Italy while trying to find a way to sign him.

Wise and Como could not automatically hire Wilshere. The reason is, with Brexit (the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union), Wilshere’s status is automatically a “foreign player” in Italy. As a non-EU footballer, there are a number of regulations that prevent him. Serie B clubs are not allowed to sign non-EU players.

“I had an important career and some great moments, but my time in England is over. I had a bad reputation there because of injuries,” Wilshere told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

If Wilshere wants to have an EU passport, it is possible. But, the condition is that he has a lineage from parents or grandparents from European Union countries. Another way is that Wilshere has to live and play in one of the EU countries for at least five years. Unfortunately, he did not meet all these conditions.

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“I’m looking for a new challenge. People who believe in me and another chance to prove what I can do, which is what all players want in the end,” added Wilshere.

“I would be happy to join an Italian club immediately if given the opportunity. The experience at Como has been very positive. So I think I will adapt quickly. Indeed, it is very different, because here you work more on tactics and all the players have the same technique. great. In England, there is not so much quality. It’s more about playing rough,” said Wilshere.

This summer, Tammy Abraham also moved from Chelsea to AS Roma. Then, Wales player, Ethan Ampadu, also moved to Venice on loan from Chelsea. The tide is turning as today many Britons are taking on the challenge of a career abroad.

“Those who were able to stay in England, because they are close to family, well paid and in the best league. I can only speak for myself, and the time has come for me to try something different. Maybe in Italy, in Spain, We’ll see,” said Wilshere.

Wilshere also admitted that he is still in touch with former Arsenal team-mates Aaron Ramsey and Wojciech Szczesny, who now plays for Juventus.

He also specifically acknowledges being a fan of Andrea Pirlo. “At the 2014 World Cup, Roy Hodgson asked me to look after Pirlo. He was 35 years old at the time and quite old. As it turned out, he was Man of the Match. Somehow, he always managed to get past me,” said Wilshere.

Unfortunately, a prolonged injury made Wilshere unable to maximize his performance like Pirlo. But, he still managed to collect 34 senior caps for England.

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