The True Story of a Woman Who Was Tortured in the Holy Land, Even This Ustadzah Shocked

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This is a true story that may be able to provide an illustration for women about the doom in the holy land because things that may have been done but unknowingly invite sin.

This is a true story that might be able to describe how painful the torments of hell are for a woman who disobeys His commands. The woman even cried and made a ustazah shiver because of it. Here’s the story.

For almost 9 years living in Mecca while taking care of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, I have gone through various interesting and bitter experiences. However, in the many events that I have experienced, there is one incident that I will never be able to forget. This story happened to a woman who was in her mid-30s when I was taking care of a hajj group.

Upon arrival, the woman and the hajj entourage at Jeddah Airport were greeted by a bus. Everyone looked cheerful because this was their first time performing Hajj. After that I took them on a bus and from there, we headed to Medina.

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly until we arrived in Medina. Arriving in Medina, everyone got off the bus. Get them down one by one until it’s the woman’s turn. For no apparent reason, the woman suddenly fell unconscious, which was directly after stepping on the earth of Medina.

As the person who was given the responsibility of taking care of the congregation, I rushed towards the woman. “This congregation is sick” I said to the other congregants.

The atmosphere that had been calm suddenly turned into anxiety and all the congregation looked panicked over this incident.

“He was hot and shivering. This congregation is unconscious, please help me quickly, we will take him to the hospital” I said. Without wasting any time, we picked up the woman and took her to the nearby Medina hospital. Meanwhile, the other congregants were escorted to their respective lodging places. Arriving at the Medina hospital, the woman was still unconscious. Various attempts were made by doctors to restore him, but all failed.

Meanwhile, I need to continue the task of taking care of the congregation. I was forced to leave the woman in the hospital. However, while busy taking care of the congregation, I contacted the Medina hospital to find out about the woman’s progress. However, I was informed that he was still unconscious. After 2 days, the woman was still unconscious. I was getting worried, you know, it was my first experience dealing with such a situation.

All attempts to recover her failed, so the woman was taken to the Abdul Aziz hospital in Jeddah for further treatment because the hospital in Jeddah is more complete than the Medina hospital. However, attempts to restore it were still unsuccessful. Hajj schedule must be continued. We went to Mecca to perform the pilgrimage. After the pilgrimage, I immediately went to Jeddah. Unfortunately, when I reached Abdul Aziz hospital, I was told by the doctor that the woman was still in a coma. However, the doctor said, his condition is stable. Seeing his condition, I decided to wait for him at the hospital.

After 2 days of waiting, the woman finally opened her eyes. From the corner of his slightly opened eyes, he looked at me and continued to hug me tightly while sobbing. At that time I was very confused, I asked the woman,

“Why are you crying?”

“Ustazah…. I repent Ustazah. I’m sorry, I won’t do bad things again. I repent, truly repent.”

“Why do you suddenly want to repent?” I asked still confused. The woman continued to sob without answering my question. It wasn’t long before he spoke up, telling me why he behaved the way he did, a story that I think we all need to learn from.

He said, “Ustazah, I am married, married to a white man. But I was wrong. I am only Muslim in name and descent. I have never done worship. I don’t pray, I don’t fast, I don’t do all my and my husband’s worship, my house is full of drinking bottles.

With a choked voice, the woman said, “Ustazah… Allah is Greatest, Most Great, Most Rich. During a coma, I have been punished with a really painful torment for all the mistakes I have made so far.

“Is it right?” I asked surprised. “That’s right, Ustazah. During that coma I have been shown by Allah about the recompense that Allah has given me. Ustazah’s punishment, not heaven’s reward.

I feel like punishment in hell. I have never worn a hijab in my life. In return, my hair was pulled with embers. I can’t describe the pain in words.

I screamed for forgiveness and apologized to Allah.” “That’s not all, fruit [da da] I was tied and pinned with tongs made of coals, then pulled here and there… broke, fell into the fire of hell. Fruit [da da] I was crushed by fire, the heat is not playing. I screamed, crying in pain. I put my hand in the fire and I took the fruit [da da] it’s back.”

Regardless of the other patients, the nurse watched the woman continue to talk. According to him, every day he was tortured, relentlessly, 24 hours a day. He was not given time to rest or released from punishment, throughout the coma he passed with a very painful punishment.

With a stuttering voice, with tears in her eyes, the woman continued her story, “Day after day I was tortured. When I pulled my hair with coals of fire, the pain felt like my scalp was being ripped off. The heat also caused my brain to feel like it was bubbling.

The punishment is painful…very, very painful…I can’t express it. While telling the story, the woman continued to wail, sobbing. It seemed that he was truly sorry for all his mistakes. I was pensive, shocked and shivering to hear the story. Allah’s recompense is very painful to his people who disobey.

“Ustazah… for me, Islam is just a name, but I drink alcohol, I play gambling and all kinds of big sins. Because I like to eat and drink what Allah has forbidden, while I was unconscious, I was given fruit with sharp thorns.

The fruit has no flesh but only thorns, but I really wanted to eat it, because I was really hungry.

“When the fruit was swallowed, the thorns pierced my throat and when it reached the stomach it pierced my stomach. While the needle punctured finger was painful.

After the thorns were finished, I was fed with coals of fire. When I put the coals in my mouth, my whole body felt like it was being scorched. Only God knows the heat.

The fire that exists in this world will not be the same as its heat. After eating the coals, I asked for a drink, but…I was served with a drink made from pus. The smell is quite bad, I had to drink it because I was very thirsty. Everything I had to go through, I have never experienced in my entire life in this world.”

I continued to listen to the woman’s story diligently. I feel the greatness of God. “During that torment, I begged Allah to give me one more life, give me a chance to live one more time. I can’t stop begging. I promise not to repeat my mistake. I promise not to disobey Allah’s command and will be a pious people. I promise that if I am revived, I will correct all my shortcomings and mistakes first, I will recite the Koran, I will pray, I will fast which I have left behind.”

I was pensive hearing the woman’s story. Indeed, Allah is Great and All-Powerful. We humans will not be separated from His reply. If our practice is good, the reward we will receive is good, if our practice is bad, then our punishment will be in the hereafter.

Alhamdulillah, the woman has witnessed the truth of Allah. “This is not a teacher’s dream. If the dream of his doom would not be so painful. I repent Ustazah, I will not repeat my mistakes again. I repent… I repent Nasuha,” he said, crying. Since then the woman has completely changed. When I took him to Mecca, he became the most solemn congregation.

His deeds of worship never stop. For example, if the woman goes to the mosque at maghrib time, she will only return to her hotel after the morning prayer. “Why do you worship until you don’t remember the time? You also have to take care of your health. Go home after the Isha prayer, eat rice or rest for a while…” I scolded.

“It’s okay Ustazah. I brought dates. I eat it when I feel hungry.” According to the woman, as long as she is in the Grand Mosque, she wants to pay for the prayers she left first.

In addition, he prayed, asking Allah to forgive his sins. I feel sorry for the woman’s condition, afraid that because of worship and excessive emotional pressure she will fall ill. So I advise you not to worship so much that you neglect your health.

“You can’t, Ustazah. I’m afraid…I’ve felt the pain of God’s punishment. Ustazah doesn’t feel, Ustazah doesn’t know how it feels. If Ustazah has felt the punishment, Ustazah will also be like me. I truly repent.”

The woman also advised me, she said, “Ustazah, if there are Muslim women who don’t wear hijab, Ustazah remind them, wear hijab. It’s enough for me to feel the torment, I don’t want any other woman to feel the way I did.

During the punishment, I saw Allah’s prohibitions, one of which was that every single hair of a Muslim woman that was intentionally shown to a man who was not her mahram, then he was given a sin. If there are 10 men who are not mahrom see this strand of my hair, then I get 10 sins.”

“But Ustazah, my hair is many, thousands. If someone sees my hair, it means thousands of sins that I get. “I intend, after I return from this pilgrimage, I ask for help from the ustazah so that he will teach my husband to pray, fast, recite the Koran, and do all worship.

I want to take my husband on a pilgrimage. Like me, my husband is Muslim in name only. But it’s all my fault. I have brought him to Islam, but I did not guide him. Not only that, I was the one who became like a non-Muslim.”

Since returning from that pilgrimage, I have not heard any stories about this woman. However, I believe she has become a truly pious woman. Had he lied to me about his story of being tormented in a coma? No. I believe he is right. If he lied, why did he change and repent Nasuha? One more thing, try to compare the punishment he received with the punishment described by Allah and the Prophet in the Qur’an and hadith. Is he lying?

It’s true, what happened is that we can’t prove it scientifically, but isn’t it about sin and reward, heaven and hell are supernatural things?

It should not be when we have died, when we have been punished, then we want to believe that “Oh… it is true what Allah and the Apostle said. I’m sorry…” It was already too late. Seize 5 opportunities before 5 obstacles come, Rich before poor, Happy before hard, Healthy before sick, Young before old and time Live before death

Walahualam Bisawab, Hopefully this story will lead us to become people who understand better that the world is not the last place, there is still an afterlife, there is still another world that awaits us as written in the Qur’an. May we be a people who always worship Allah.

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