This is a list of the most likely new parties to enter Senayan

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1NEWS – A communication and political observer, Jamiluddin Ritonga, analyzes the new parties that are likely to enter Senayan during the 2024 Pilleg.

“Opportunities are opening up, especially those based on religion,” said Jamiluddin Ritonga to 1NEWS, Thursday (2/9).

Especially for the Ummah Party. According to him, the entry of PAN into the government coalition triggered its supporters to switch.

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“Some of the supporters of the Muhammadiyah-based PAN are also expected to switch to a new Islamic-based party,” he said.

However, the academic from Esa Unggul University said that there are only two proper Islamic-based parties.

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“It seems that only the Ummat and Gelora parties have the opportunity to enter Senayan,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Masyumi Party had a difficult time gaining significant votes to get tickets to Senayan.

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“So, the two new Islamic-based parties have the most opportunity,” he explained.


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