This is Dhena Devanka’s Plus Value Compared to Jonathan Frizzy’s Former Row

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Dhena Devanka (Instagram)

1NEWSJonathan Frizzy several times dating artists, none of which ended up on the aisle. It turns out that the soap opera actor is in a relationship with a Trans TV employee named Dhena Devanka. Their marriage took place in May 2012 after eight years of dating.

“Dhena is suitable to be a wife, suitable to be a mother too. She can” take care I. He’s my complement, so I haven’t said what he wants yet, he already know. I’m actually the kind of person, I have to hurry up,” Jonathan Frizzy’s reason for choosing Dhena to be his wife.

One more word Ijonk, “(There) chemistry-his. For old age I fit the type like Dhena.”

No wrong choice, after marriage Dhena is called Ijonk carry out her duties as a wife properly. From their marriage, Ijonk and Dhena were blessed with three children. A pair of them are twins.

Dhena Devanka (Instagram)

“He can take care home, me, and the children,” said Ijonk quoted from the video of the event Rumpi five years ago on the TRANS TV Official YouTube channel.

Ijonk and Dhena met on Trans TV. The two grew closer after spending time together. In fact, at that time Ijonk was the girlfriend of model Dominique Diyose.

Three months close without status, Dhena needs clarity. Dhena asked Ijonk directly. If indeed Ijonk survives with his girlfriend, Dhena chooses to withdraw. Unexpectedly Ijonk decided to leave his girlfriend for Dhena.

“There are many factors (the reason for breaking up with Dominique). But because of Dhena too (the breakup). It means (the desire to break up) is strong, steady. I dated Dhena for a long time, eight years,” told Ijonk.

Reflecting on his dating experience with Masayu, which was too exposed to the media, while with Dhena, Ijonk was more secretive. The two finally got married in May 2012 without the camera lights from the media. Their marriage reportedly took place in Islam and was registered at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA).

Wedding Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka are now in danger of disbanding. Dhena’s divorce suit against Ijonk has been registered at the South Jakarta Religious Court. Both will undergo their first trial Thursday (16/9).



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