This is the Reason for the Announcement of the Location of the 2021-2022 Liga 1 Match D-2 | 1NEWS

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Liga 1 2021-2022 officially resumes with a schedule that has been distributed to each participating club.

Interestingly, the schedule only attached the day, date and time, while the location of the match was left blank without explanation.

This unusual decision was taken by PT LIB, which wanted the competition to be as flexible as possible. The consideration is that the Covid-19 case is a parameter in preparing the schedule.

Thus PT LIB will continue to evaluate with related parties regarding the location of the match. After that, they will inform the club about two days before the scheduled match day.

“We convey the consideration because one thing is that the problem of this place is very flexible and very dynamic because it was conveyed in the Minister of Home Affairs’ instructions that it was carried out at level 3 and level 2.

“Secondly, of course, we also hope that the club will be ready at any time when we are called. We just have to go somewhere because we have also prepared that on D-2 the club will play on that date,” he added.

Sudjarno is quite optimistic that this adjustment will not be an obstacle for the club. Moreover, the implementation of Liga 1 is carried out using a series system that is concentrated in one area.

“The location of the match we will tell these clubs on D-2. Because now this club is in an on call position, ready to go anywhere, just move and shift anywhere, especially now that all positions are close and of course all in Java, including clubs outside Java, have also docked, “he said.

Meanwhile, the problem of team preparation is also not burdensome because the teams have been given a big schedule. Each team knows when they are playing and against whom, only the venue is flexible.

The venue for the Series 1 match will be held around the Greater Jakarta area because it is a recommendation from the Ministry of Health and related stakeholders.

“Regarding the series, we are still using the venues in Jabodetabek, Gelora Bung Karno Madya, Pakansari, Wibawa Mukti. That’s what can be in series 1, but every week we will evaluate whether for example we can go to Bandung, that will also be our evaluation,” said Sudjarno.

“The venue cannot be separated from the direction of the government, the local police, including how the health team from the Ministry of Health who accompanied us also had directions there. So hopefully Bandung can also walk,” he said.


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