This Weekend, Yogyakarta Implements One-Stop Tourism System Trial | Travel.1NEWS

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Ahmad Baiquni

2 September 2021 20:18

Dream – The city of Yogyakarta held a trial of the one-door system this weekend. This system is implemented to suppress the potential for Covid-19 transmission among travelers and tourism business actors in Yogyakarta.

Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta, Heroe Poerwadi, explained that when the one-door system trial is implemented, tourism buses from outside the city will be directed to Giwangan Terminal. At this terminal, a travel document will be checked.

The tourists on the bus will be checked to make sure they have been vaccinated and have undergone a Covid-19 test. Also ensure that they have undergone a Covid-19 test with negative results, both PCR and antigen.

If all the requirements are met, the tourist bus is welcome to enter the Yogyakarta area. The bus will be directed to the designated parking location.

But if the requirements are not met, the bus will be asked to turn back. All tourists who take the bus are prohibited from entering Yogyakarta.

“This regulation can be projected as a long-term policy with the aim of building a transportation system in the city of Yogyakarta,” said Heroe.

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