This Woman Reveals The Toughest Test of a Wife, Auto Netizens Agree: We Are in the Same Fate

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A woman reveals the toughest test for a wife on TikTok social media. The outpouring then went viral and became a FYP on TikTok’s timeline.

“The toughest test of a wife is …,” wrote the account owner. In the short video uploaded, he shows the view of a bedroom with all-white decorations.

She then said that she had never been invited to chat with her husband. In fact, they are in a very close place.

“Under the roof, in the same bed, but never talked to/shared. If you don’t talk when it’s really important,” he continued.

Seeing the upload, netizens immediately gave various comments. Some of them feel the same as the woman.

“If we are gathered together, we can create a community because of the same fate,” wrote the netizen.

“Already married and feeling this, please just want to log out, it’s like wanting to create a new account, those of you who are not married will look for the frequency one,” said the netizen.

“My husband is too. It’s not very nice to talk about the important things,” added another.

“It turns out that the house is nice and comfortable, not necessarily the people in it are also comfortable and happy,” said the netizen.

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