Together with her husband, Vicki Zhao was once called one of the richest couples in China

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1NEWS – Vicki Zhao, star of Princess Huan Zhu, who is currently missing, married wealthy businessman Huang Youlong in 2008, in Singapore. They have a daughter who is now 11 years old. Apart from acting and singing, directing as well as producing films, Vicki Zhao is also into business. His popularity continues to survive and soar as one of China’s popular artists. Together with her husband, Vicki Zhao has even been touted as one of the richest and most powerful couples in China with a combined net worth of 1 billion US dollars.

Last year there were rumors that Vicki Zhao’s marriage to Huang Youlong was in trouble. The rumor spread after she deleted photos of her husband from her social media accounts. In addition to the rumored broken marriage, several months ago the media also reported that Vicki Zhao’s husband was in legal trouble because of a large amount of money he had borrowed several years ago. This incident was also widely reported by the media.

Vicki Zhao and Youlong’s skyrocketing wealth was partly driven by their clever purchase of a major stake in Alibaba Pictures. This business decision is said to have been recommended by their friend and Alibaba founder, Jack Ma. As we know, before the events of Vicki Zhao’s disappearance, the same thing happened to Jack Ma. A few months ago Jack Ma, one of the richest people in China was also reported to have disappeared. Vicki Zhao and her husband’s investment portfolio now covers a wide range of fields, such as real estate, wine and jewelry.

Through the Princess Huan Zhu series which aired in Indonesia in the late 90s, the name Vicki Zhao was popular in Indonesia. The series, whose English version is titled My Fair Princess, is called one of the most popular TV series. Now Vicki Zhao’s films are disappearing from major video platforms in China. Talk shows and TV series starring were also removed. Since Thursday last week, netizens have been busy writing that they can no longer find names or films starring Vicki Zhao.

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