Tomiyasu Statistics Against Ronaldo and Lukaku, Worrying!

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“Tomiyasu’s tough test is about to start with Arsenal.”

1NEWS – There are many reasons for a player who has just moved clubs to start the new season with enthusiasm and optimism. The same is true for Takehiro Tomiyasu with Arsenal.

The Japanese player who was signed at the last deadline of the transfer window may be impatient and eager to make his Premier League debut this season.

However, the player who operates as a right-back will face steep obstacles to realize his dream. The 22-year-old will meet great players on Arsenal’s journey after the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.

Arsenal will meet Manchester United and Chelsea. The schedule makes the Japanese national team defender the potential to escort great players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku.

Premier League reunion

Even so, many people think that the young man who was born in Fukuoka, 5 September 1998, can play his role well with the London Meriam club.

Tomiyasu had escorted both of them before moving to North London, namely when he was involved in the Serie A stage defending Bologna. While Ronaldo helped Juventus, and Lukaku with Inter Milan.

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After deciding to join the Gunners for a transfer of 19.5 million pounds (Rp 383.4 billion), Tomiyasu followed Ronaldo and Lukaku’s footsteps to England.

Although many people believe in Tomiyasu’s abilities, especially the Gunners fans, Tomiyasu’s statistics against these two quality bombers say otherwise.

You could say it was a nightmare. While still in Serie A, his record against the two attackers was never good. Tomiyasu met Ronaldo and Lukaku on five separate occasions during his two years with Bologna, and all ended in defeat except for one game.

He will still have nightmares about Lukaku, who scored in all three of their meetings, including Inter’s 3-1 win over Bologna in December 2020.

On that occasion, Tomiyasu tried to pull Lukaku’s shirt inside the penalty box to stop him from running. The plan didn’t quite work out with Lukaku sending Tomiyasu tumbling to the ground before the Belgian finally slotted the ball into the net.

He did not perform much better against Ronaldo, as the Portuguese striker scored one goal and one assist in their two encounters.

However, Tomiyasu, who became Arsenal’s sixth signing of the summer, promised to ‘give everything’ with the Gunners.

“Hey Arsenal fans! I’m so happy to be part of the team,” Tomiyasu said in a short video on Arsenal’s social media pages.

“I promise you that I will give everything to contribute to the team.”

“I can’t wait to see you at the stadium,” he said.

However, Tomiyasu seems to have to think twice when he wants to say the same sentence when he has to meet Ronaldo and Lukaku.

(mochamad rahmatul haq/yul)

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