Tripov Motivates Confidence Via ‘Extra’, New Single Igniter Dancing

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Tripov Motivates Confidence Via 'Extra', New Single Igniter Dancing

Posted on: 09/2/21 at 3:00 pm

Tripov has signaled the development of his popularity since debut through singles’All Day All Night’ dan single second ‘Dance Dance Dance’. This pop dance trio has quietly infiltrated the music industry in a new color.

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Thanks to their listeners on digital platforms, their songs are attracting a lot of attention on TikTok and IG Reels with over 100K videos using Tripov’s songs. With their songs present on the Shazam website in Russia, the United States, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil. Their songs also reached top positions in music competitions such as Radio Fest (Mahaka Radio Group) and Soundfren.

Tripov Presents ‘Extra’

And now, Tripov is releasing single new title ‘Extra’ right today, September 2, 2021. Their song can be heard now, complete with the music video on YouTube. Available across all digital platforms. Single it was written and produced by the band members, Jilie Kezia, Evan Asher, and Bagaspati Yoga.

TRIPOV - EXTRA artwork

It starts with Jilie singing hook from the song they created, they started writing the lyrics for ‘Extra’. Tripov wanted the lyrics and melodies to convey an attitude of not caring what people think on social media for the song to be a form of self-confidence and belief. So Yoga came up with a beat and Evan gave some spice to the guitar. They wrote this song together. “We really want people to relate to and be inspired by the song so they can fight for their dreams, their true selves, and whoever they want to be,” Evan said.

Inspired by dance music, this song was born with bassline which catchy. With a shining harmony, ‘Extra’ has the message of a blend of confidence and joy for what it is. Tripov even finished their song in less than a day. Of course, when you hear the rhythm, you can feel your body moving along with the song.

Feel the ‘Extra’ Splash In Music Video

Tripov visualized the ‘Extra’ message in their new music video by Jeloy and Moses of Kineworks. “When we first heard the song and read the lyrics, we were immediately inspired to make a video that deeply relates to what we are all going through right now including the social pressures of social media. We need a reminder not to care what people think and live right now,” Jeloy explained. “There are many aspects to making a visual feel ‘Extra’, from color grading, choreography, wardrobe, even props. All of these aspects need to be captured well when framing the video so viewers can feel the ‘Extra’ spark to it,” added Moses.

Therefore, Tripov needed someone with an ‘Extra’ attitude and interesting dance moves to personify the song. That’s where Debra Tamara comes into the mix. His fierce and cheerful attitude makes the spirit and energy of ‘Extra’ present in real life.

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Congratulations on listening to the MV (Music Video) ‘Extra’ from Tripov, guys…

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