Venezuela vs Argentina Prediction, 2022 World Cup Qualification South America Zone

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1NEWS – The 2022 World Cup qualification in the South American zone will also be continued in the middle of this week. It seems that, based on the fanaticism and enthusiasm of the audience, the American zone qualification will have quite a lot of fans. You could say there will be quite a lot of people waiting and watching the five tough parties in the South American zone World Cup qualifiers.

All matches will be held simultaneously on Friday, practically all American teams must immediately pack up from now on. At least the strong South American countries will have approximately two effective days before fighting with their respective opponents. In this case, it seems that the public on the other hand also considers that the South American zone of all matches will be colored by elbows between countries.

All countries are elbowing each other with the aim of securing tickets to qualify for the biggest show in the world of football today. The biggest event in question is none other than the FIFA World Cup Qatar next year. Therefore, it can be said that now is a very crucial moment for all the giants of South America.

Especially in the Venezuela vs Argentina match later, it seems that these two superpowers carry their own mission. Argentina is trying to solidify its position at the top of the group standings, while Venezuela is looking to move on from difficult times. For those who want to watch the match between Argentina and Venezuela, this match will be held on Friday 03 September 2021 at 07.00 WIB live.

Venezuela Determined to Find Footings for Awakening

After undergoing six parties full of uncertainty, it turns out that Venezuela is slowly getting fed up. The ranks of the Venezuelan coach are also slowly getting dizzy because of some problems in their current squad. In fact, almost all lines of Venezuela are currently in a state of turmoil and need a major evaluation.

The revival footing has not yet been found by the Venezuelan squad in their last six matches. Therefore, it is estimated that Venezuela is currently trying to find the beginning of a revival when it clashes with Argentina. Even though it all seems very impossible, it does not rule out the possibility that it can be realized.

Venezuela itself has often clashed with Argentina, therefore this team may have memorized the character of its opponent. Therefore, the Venezuela vs Argentina match will be more emotional, especially for the Venezuelan side themselves. Victory is the most needed by the Venezuelan squad at this time given its position in the standings increasingly sad.

Argentina’s Conditions Are Better

If Venezuela’s standings position is now very risky, but this condition is not felt by the Argentine squad at all. Because the Argentine Tango team can still show their superiority in this year’s World Cup qualifying performances.

It is true that the position Argentina now the standings are still under the Brazilian squad. However, it should also be noted that in terms of standings, Argentina now occupies a fairly safe position, namely second position.

Automatically this is enough to make the Argentina squad more confident before fighting with the Venezuelan squad. In this regard, many argue that Argentina’s path to qualifying for the Qatar World Cup is likely to be getting smoother.

Venezuela vs Argentina Score Prediction 03 September 2021

Because Argentina is currently still far above the Venezuelan stronghold, in terms of quality, it is practical to predict the stock exchange score online slot gambling will be more directed to the Tango team. In addition, the condition of self-confidence that is increasingly soaring, will likely make Argentina’s road more smooth. It is estimated that the hot Venezuela vs Argentina match will completely belong to the Tango team with score 1 – 2.

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