Viral Adult Dance Singers on Children’s Birthdays, Salfok Netizens!

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A video of a beautiful singer dancing at a children’s birthday party has gone viral on social media. Netizens regret that parents of children make events like this.

Today’s rocking singer’s video was uploaded by the Instagram account @pickdimana, Monday (30/8). “Children’s birthday, what’s your comment?” write a caption on this video upload.

In the video upload, it shows children’s birthday events by presenting singer entertainment by singing dangdut songs in front of the house’s garage.

Looks beautiful singer wearing tight trousers combined with a white t-shirt wrapped with a kind of blue blazer. He stood surrounded by small children sitting below.

In front of the children seemed to be without a distance with the singer only separated by a variety of food.

In front of the children, the singer sang a dangdut song. This singer enjoys the song he sings. Especially when he sings while swaying.

He seemed to display an adult dance. Her hip movements were shown and the occasional flirtatious eye.

It is not known for certain whether the adult dance is for children or for the entertainment of the children’s parents who come.

Netizens also have various comments, some even have the wrong focus (Salfok) on the adult dancing singer.

“If my child is there, I’ve brought it home because it’s not appropriate for a child of that age to look like that… I just found out that there was a children’s birthday party where dangdut singers were served, not funny clowns or magic,” commented @nzel.ria85.

Another netizen comment. “This is what his father loves to do, wkwkwk,” commented netizen @dull_31.


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