Waiting for Witan Beyond Egy at Lechia Gdansk

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1NEWS, Many parties consider the decision of Polish League club, Lechia Gdansk, to recruit Indonesian U-23 National Team player, Witan Sulaeman, as an attempt to retain fans from Indonesia.

Understandably, before bringing Witan, the Polish League top caste club had just released another Indonesian player, Egy Maulana Vikri. The existence of Witan is expected to make the Indonesian football public continue to follow the club.

However, the most important thing right now is whether Witan can maximize the opportunity to play at a club that has played in the Europa League? Or, can Witan be better if they reflect on the experience of Egy’s three seasons since landing in Gdansk in 2018.

Witan is still very young at 19 years old in Gdansk. What distinguishes Witan and Egy is that Witan came to Gdansk after having gained a year’s experience playing at the Serbian club, Radnik Surdulica, while Egy immediately jumped from the Ragunan SKO.

Reflecting on Egy, a player who was born in Medan, July 7, 2000, this is actually not too bad. Played 23 games in the reserve team with 17 goals but went just ten games without scoring in the senior team.

Egy’s biggest match was as a substitute in the 2019 Polish Super Cup final when Gdansk beat Piast Glicie 3-1. Now, Egy must cross to Slovakia to play at the country’s old club, Sernica.

Witan himself has not played many minutes while in Serbia. Landing in 2020 where competition in the country had been suspended due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Witan only appeared in five matches without scoring a goal.

The existence of Witan and Egy competing in Europe is important for the development of Indonesian football. The Indonesian National Team needs players who have European-class experience to be able to speak further in Asia and even the world.

In addition to Witan and Egy, Indonesia has also placed another young player, Amiruddin Bagus Kahfi, who is now at the Dutch second tier club, Jong Utrecht. Bagus had just made his debut when Utrecht won 3-0 over Telstar, 27 August.[]


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