10 Reasons Left-handed People Are Ideal Partners, Are Parents Included?

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Since childhood, children are usually taught to do various activities such as writing and eating with their right hand. It’s just that, sometimes there are some children who still do everything using their left hand and it becomes a habit until they grow up. Such people are called left-handed. But it should be noted, left-handed people are not a drawback.

Do you know Parents, some world figures are also left-handed, such as Bill Gates, Napoleon Bonaparte, Oprah Winfrey, Prince William, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Tom Cruise, and many other famous figures. Those who are left-handed have quite a lot of advantages. Therefore, having a left-handed partner can bring its own impression.

10 Reasons Left-handed People Are Ideal Couples

1. Artistic and Romantic

Compared to language skills, those who are left-handed have a fairly high artistic spirit. Usually, this art lover is also a very romantic person, lo. It’s just that, most of them pour it into works of art.

In fact, left-handed people use the right brain more than the left. The right brain is used for creative, intuitive, and visual thinking processes. A number of famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo are left-handed artists.

2. High Creativity


Because they tend to use their right brain, this means that left-handed people have a fairly high creativity in creating things. Launching from the page Suara.com, in the journal American Journal of Psychology it was revealed that left-handed people had different thoughts than right-handed ones. They store thousands of fresh ideas in their brains, including to make their partner happy, which will make the relationship more colorful.

3. Left-handed people tend to be smarter


Launching from the site Leftyfretz, there are some interesting facts revealed in the research “Effects of Handedness on Intelligence Level of Students”. It turns out that left-handed people tend to have higher IQs than right-handed people.

People who use the right hand dominantly tend to use the left brain compared to the right. Meanwhile, those who are left-handed are able to use the right and left brain in a balanced way. Therefore, left-handed people are called more intelligent in learning something.

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4. Good in Bed

10 Reasons Left-handed People Are Ideal Partners, Are Parents Included?

Those who are left-handed are good at bed and are able to satisfy their partners. A study revealed that left-handed men had a sex satisfaction rate of 85 percent compared to right-handed men, which was 15 percent. The research also revealed that left-handed men had a better rhythm of intercourse than right-handed men during sexual intercourse.

5. Left-handed people are good at making money


Besides being smart and good in bed, they are also good at making money. This has been investigated in the 2006 “Handedness and Earnings” study, which proved that right-handed people make 15 percent more money than right-handed people. Smart couple and can earn more money, really dream, right?

6. Multitasking

10 Reasons Left-handed People Are Ideal Partners, Are Parents Included?

Not only smart, they are able to do several jobs at once. They are able to deal with various problems quickly. In addition, they will do it calmly and not in a hurry during work.

Launching from the site Leftyfretz, research in 2018 by Illinois Research Consortium revealed that left-handed people did two jobs better than right-handed people. How come?

This is because right-handed people get the job done by breaking it down into parts and then analyzing the problems one by one. Left-handers, on the other hand, tend to see the whole problem in their tasks and do pattern matching to try to solve them.

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7. Have a sharp memory, the advantages of left-handed people


Their ability to use both parts of the brain in a balanced way, also affects their sharp memory. They can remember events and dates very well. Well, left-handed couples are guaranteed to also remember important dates in your relationship.

8. A Good Leader


Several world leaders have proven their ability to lead a country such as Barrack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Gerald Ford. These leaders turned out to be left-handed people.

Capability to multitasking, intelligent, and have a creative soul full of innovation, making left-handed people able to solve some problems. Including being a leader in the household.

9. Good at Sports

10 Reasons Left-handed People Are Ideal Partners, Are Parents Included?

Having a left-handed partner can also make us healthier. How not, those who are left-handed tend to like sports to keep their bodies in shape. They are quite good at several sports such as swimming, tennis, baseball, boxing, to fencing.

Interestingly, nearly 40 percent of tennis athletes are left-handed. Why did it happen? This is because the reflexes between the left and right hands are different, so this situation is more favorable for left-handed players.

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10. Have Better Self Control


Left-handed people have better self-control in terms of holding back to fulfill a desire. This has been tested in a study by JECN which showed left-handers who had no difficulty controlling both hands.

This ability seems to really help him control his desires. Do you know Parents, self-control is also influenced by one’s hand preference.


Well, that’s 10 reasons left-handed people are ideal partners. So, there’s no need to feel weird having a left-handed partner because they have a variety of features that will complement and make the relationship more colorful.

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