4 Facts about Coki Pardede Arrested for Shabu, Allegedly Still Having Effects After Nyabu – Boombastis

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The entertainment world in Indonesia seems to be prone to drug abuse cases. This time, another Indonesian artist who stumbled on a drug case, namely Coki Pardede. Since the news of being arrested, Coki instantly became trending, many netizens are discussing this Indonesian comic.

Not only that, an old video of Coki talking to BNN has also been shared many times. In fact, from the video, many suspect that Coki has been using methamphetamine for a long time. But at that time, the video was only used as a joke, until finally Coki was officially arrested at his residence on September 1, 2021. The following is a full review of Coki’s arrest.

Chronology of Coki’s arrest

Coki [sumber gambar]

Prior to the arrest, it turned out that the police had received reports from the public that Coki Pardede was a drug user. Coki himself was arrested at his home, in the Tangerang area. Not only Coki, the police also arrested people suspected of supplying meth for Coki, but both were arrested at different locations. Coki and the supplier also underwent an intensive examination at the Tangerang City Police Station, and also underwent a urine test.

Allegedly there is still the effect of methamphetamine

Coki when caught [sumber gambar]

When arrested by the police, it was suspected that Coki Pardede was still under the influence of methamphetamine. This was revealed by the Head of Drugs at the Tangerang Metro Police AKBP Pratomo Widodo. Coki Pardede was immediately arrested when he had just finished taking the injection model of drugs. Police also seized evidence of methamphetamine and used equipment.

Other artists’ feedback

Ernest and Tretan [sumber gambar]

As a working partner, Tretan Muslim also spoke out about Coki’s arrest. According to Tretan, the information on Coki’s arrest is true. And he handed over all legal processes to the authorities. Not only Muslim Tretan, Ernest Prakasa also opened his voice through his Twitter. Ernest wrote a prayer, hoping that this incident could be a lesson for others. Ernest’s tweet immediately invited comments from many netizens. Many admit that they are not surprised if Coki is a user.

The old video went viral

Digital footprints will never be lost. As previously discussed, Coki Pardede did interview a BNN employee. At that time, the BNN was explaining that it had found a very interesting case when a methamphetamine user hid methamphetamine inside underwear.

At that time Coki spontaneously chimed in that the methamphetamine would feel hot if it touched the skin. This turned out to make the BNN smile full of inquiry while asking questions, ‘How do you know?‘ Coki quickly digresses, if he likes watching movies.

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That’s a little review about the arrest of Coki. Cases of drug abuse continue to exist in the Indonesian entertainment world. As Ernest Prakasa said, looking at these cases, hopefully we can take lessons not to approach these illicit goods.

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