5 Tips for Success in Accompanying Children on the First Day of School. Pocket Money Not Guarantee!

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All parents are definitely waiting for the moment when their children will enter the first day of school. This of course makes parents feel happy and sad at the same time. Unexpectedly, the baby who was still being cuddled yesterday has now started to go to school. Not only parents who feel excitedEven children can’t wait to meet their friends at school later. That’s why many parents don’t want to miss the moment to accompany their little one.

In accompanying your little one to go to school on the first day, Moms certainly have a surefire way to make your little one feel comfortable at the first moment of school. Even though they are very happy, there are some children who are actually nervous when they go to school. This is where the role of Moms must make them feel comfortable.

The following tricks from Mamin might be able to help Moms be successful in accompanying their children to school on the first day. Listen, yes!

1. Give an overview of the school. One way is to read a fun book about school

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Children will certainly be very when going to school. As parents, you should give an overview of school so that they can later understand better how to get into school and meet new teachers or friends. That way, the child will be more prepared.

2. Invite the child to meet the teacher if possible. This trick is so that children know first what kind of person who will teach them at school

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Meeting with the teacher is one of the tricks to reduce anxiety in children and reduce nervousness. However, if you can’t meet the teacher, you can give a picture of a teacher first.

3. Invite children to visit their school. This is a way for children to know the real picture at school

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Moms can really invite children to visit their school first. Invite children to look for classrooms, school canteens, bathrooms and other places in the school. This is so that children get used to it and no longer need to feel like they are in a foreign place when they first enter school.

4. Invite children to shop for school supplies. It will be very fun when the children are invited to find the equipment to bring

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Moms can take children shopping for their needs and let children choose what they like. Since this is the first moment for children to enter school, shopping with children about their equipment is fun. Don’t miss this moment, Moms.

5. Invite children to play in schools. This is one way to provide support so that children can go through their first day of school well

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So that children are not too nervous, it’s a good idea to invite your children to play in schools. What is needed here is to decorate a room in the house like a classroom. It doesn’t need to be complete, Moms, the important thing is while explaining to the children that the picture of the school room will be like this. Moms can also provide stimulation on how to wear uniforms, shoes, greet teachers and friends.

Notes for Moms…

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Because there are already several schools that are trialling face-to-face learning, it’s a good idea for Moms to get ready too. Don’t forget to always teach children to apply health protocols, because we all don’t know for sure when this pandemic will end. Also, make sure your child understands that by implementing health protocols, he will not only protect himself, but also his friends at school.

Accompanying children when going to school is a moment that will not be repeated again. That’s why many parents are willing to take time off or work just to provide support so they feel comfortable. Moms whose children want to go to school for the first time, then you can try the trick from Mamin above, OK! Hope it is useful.

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