6 Correct Use of Serum is Often Ignored. No wonder your face is not getting better

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To keep your skin healthy and youthful, you need to take proper facial care. One way that can be used is to apply serum. The use of serum can make the skin regenerate properly so it looks more flawless and glowing. Serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients than regular moisturizers. Hence, the texture of serum is much more fluid than moisturizer. This also makes the use of the two different.

There are several rules for using the correct and important serum so that it can work optimally. Observe and practice carefully, yes!

1. In order to work optimally, you need to choose a serum that suits your skin’s needs

Know your skin needs before buying serum | Photo by Shiny Diamond via www.pexels.com

Based on its designation for skin type, use hydrating serum if you have normal or combination skin. For dry skin, use a serum that contains emollients and antioxidants. If you have oily skin, choose a serum with a light, liquid texture.

In addition to certain skin types, serums are also made based on their benefits. If you want to get skin that looks youthful, choose a serum with a high collagen content. In addition, you can use a serum with vitamin C content if your skin has acne.

2. Do it double cleansing first before starting to apply serum on the face

Double cleansing it’s mandatory! | Photo by cottonbro via www.pexels.com

After wearing make-up all day, you need to clean your face with cleansing oil or cleansing water. Don’t forget to wash your face with soap afterward. This cleaning process can remove the residue make-up and dead skin cells that cause skin breakouts. Not only that, you also need to dry your face first before applying skincare other.

3. Immediately apply the serum when the face is still quite moist after fertilizing with toner

Next use toner | Photo by cottonbro via www.pexels.com

The application of toner aims to restore the pH of the skin after washing your face. Not only that, the toner will also restore moisture to your facial skin! Moist skin is believed to be 10 times more effective at absorbing the content in the serum.

4. You don’t need too much, just use the serum according to the dose so that your face doesn’t breakout

More doesn’t mean better, just enough | Photo by cottonbro via www.pexels.com

Serum contains active ingredients that have been concentrated. Therefore, you only need enough serum to apply. In fact, applying too much serum will actually complicate the absorption process. Just use two to three drops of serum for your entire face, yes!

5. In order to really seep into the skin, apply the serum by gently patting the face

Help it absorb into the skin with your hands. No need to be patted hard lo | Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova via www.pexels.com

After the serum is applied, smooth it out by patting and massaging it gently. This is done so that the active ingredients in the serum can be released and enter the skin. Then, wait a while until the serum really doesn’t feel sticky before moving on to the next product.

6. After the serum is applied, don’t forget to use a moisturizer to lock it in

Everyone needs to use a moisturizer, even those of you with oily skin. Just look for the right one | Photo by Sora Shimazaki via www.pexels.com

You need to know, serum is not the same as moisturizer. So, after using a serum, you are still recommended to use a moisturizer. This moisturizer can later function to lock the serum formula on the face. But, before applying moisturizer, it’s best to wait five minutes for the serum to absorb into the face.

7. No need to be confused to use morning or night. This serum can work actively for both times!

Can be used morning or night | Photo by Karolina Grabowska via www.pexels.com

Indeed, the serum can be used morning or evening. However, this depends on the benefits of the serum that you will get. For example, if you want to protect your skin from free radicals, then use a serum in the morning. However, if you want to improve skin elasticity, use a serum at night.

No need to argue, if used according to the rules, the serum can still work optimally. The key, do not use too much and use it in the right order. In no time, you will get bright and moisturized skin instantly.


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