7 Safe Sex Positions, Suitable For Those Who Want To Delay Pregnancy

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Safe Sex Positions

The question of how safe sex positions are often asked for newlyweds. It is understandable, a newly married couple would want to have a memorable sex life experience. Or do you really want to know how to have sex that doesn’t result in pregnancy?

It is undeniable, having children of course requires preparation. Both physically, mentally and financially. If you’re not ready, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the moment of officially dating and finding out how to have sex that doesn’t result in pregnancy.

Talking about sex positions, in fact it is influenced by various factors. In addition to choosing a safe sex position to delay pregnancy, not a few are actually looking for sex positions that help the success of the pregnancy program.

This choice of course will return to each individual. However, if you are one of them, this time we will review some sex positions that can be tried to delay pregnancy.

But remember, the best way to delay pregnancy or plan a pregnancy is, of course, to use contraception. After all, in fact, using condoms or other contraceptives doesn’t guarantee 100% pregnancy, right?

Quoted from the fatherly.com page, sexual health and fertility experts such as Dr. Donnica Moore reminded that the most important and effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy is of course using contraception. .

“To my knowledge, there is no known sexual position or act to reduce the chances of conception, let alone eliminate it entirely,” Moore said.

However, Moore notes, experts mostly agree that it may be a little easier to get pregnant the closer the sperm is and the easier the path downhill to the partner’s cervix. So it’s possible that a position that counteracts these factors can provide extra protection against pregnancy.

To fight the force of gravity, couples must explore the position where the female limb is on top. It could include something as basic as “cowgirl”, where a female individual straddles a male-bodied individual, or such as a position where the male partner sits in a chair and the other partner lowers his vagina under the penis.

In theory, this position allows for deep penetration, which allows semen to be ejaculated closer to the cervix. But the downward pull of the earth might make it more difficult for some of the sperm inside to get there. Standing position is also useful for using gravity on sperm.

Even so, there is nothing wrong if you and your partner try some sex positions that are believed to help prevent pregnancy.

Safe Sex Positions, Help Prevent Pregnancy

The most common way to prevent pregnancy is to use contraceptives such as condoms, birth control pills, IUDs or spirals, implants or birth control injections before sex.

In addition to these steps, you and your partner can also prevent it by doing the following 5 safe sex positions.

1. The Double Finger Bang

When condoms make your sex sensation be reduced. Play with your fingers to evoke your sex atmosphere more wild and heated.

The trick, make two fingers into a ‘v’ shape and caress yourself and your own vagina. Don’t forget to press that finger on the bottom of your partner’s penis to make them feel firmer.

Place a pillow under your bottom so that he should get up and kneel. It will make you even more extra and wild.

2. The Tickler

7 Safe Sex Positions, Suitable For Those Who Want To Delay Pregnancy

One of the safe sex positions and will not result in pregnancy is oral sex. However, you have to be careful because oral sex can also cause the transmission of STIs.

Therefore, use a condom in your mouth if you want to have oral sex. It’s better to choose a scented condom so you don’t feel disturbed.

Suck the head of the penis and stroke its shaft with your hand. After that ask him to press and slide their penis on your breast.

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3. The Dam, Girl

Safe Sex Positions

Start with a crawling position and let the husband penetrate from behind. After that also ask him to lick your back so that the atmosphere of lovemaking is more intimate and heated.

Doing this style once in a while can provide a different and naughty love experience for the couple.

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4. The Full Circle

7 Safe Sex Positions, Suitable For Those Who Want To Delay Pregnancy

Have you ever heard of female condoms? Just like condoms used by men.

The female condom is a cylindrical pouch that is strong but overly textured and transparent in color. This sac serves as a protective layer between the penis and the woman’s vagina so that sperm and semen remain inside the condom.

You can use a condom right before sex or eight hours before. Press the condom ring against your clitoris to create some bonus stimulation with each sex drive.

5. The Show and Tell

Safe Sex Positions

Once in a while try to masturbate with your partner. The trick lies side by side and alternately touch each other. You can also touch yourself if you want.

This position not only makes you both safe but can also strengthen the relationship between the two of you.

6. Cowgirl

As Moore has stated, one of the safe sex positions and helps prevent conception can be the cowgirl position. In fact, the cowgirl position is also one of the positions that men like. It’s important to remember to be extra vigilant when you’re on top of men. The reason is, if you have found a comfortable position, it will make it easier for women to control the penis for a long time without having to feel tired.

7. Sex in Water

One effort that can be done to delay pregnancy, you and your partner can have sex in a bathtub filled with warm water or in a swimming pool. In addition to providing a sensation, sexual activity carried out in a bathtub or swimming pool is believed to be able to delay the occurrence of conception.

The reason is that ejaculation in warm water can reduce sperm performance and reduce the potential for pregnancy. In addition, the water in the swimming pool also has a mixture of chlorine and chemicals that can kill sperm.

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Things to consider to prevent pregnancy

In addition to the things above, there are also some things that must be considered to prevent pregnancy.

First, external ejaculation.

As we know, pregnancy occurs when a male sperm cell meets a female egg cell. This process is known as fertilization or contraception and creates a pregnancy.

Therefore, if you and your partner want to prevent pregnancy after having sex. Then remove the sperm outside the uterus or ejaculate outside. That way, the male sperm cell will not meet the female egg cell and fertilization occurs.

Second, avoid having sex during the fertile period

Every woman has a different menstrual cycle and fertile period. You should really understand both things.

If you make love during your fertile period then you are at risk of getting pregnant. Because, during the fertile period, your body releases the fertile period that is ready to be fertilized by sperm.

Hopefully this information related to safe sex positions is useful.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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