Abandoned by many quality players, Tira Persikabo is difficult to find a replacement at the level | 1NEWS

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Tira Persikabo’s coach, Igor Kriushenko, admitted that he had difficulty finding players of his level after his team was left with many quality players.

As is known, Tira Persikabo faces Liga 1 2021 with the condition left by the quality players he has so far.

Tira Persikio’s mainstay players such as Abduh Lestaluhu, Rifad Marasabessy, and Wawan Febriyanto chose to leave the team.

The team nicknamed Laskar Padjadjaran was even left by foreign players, namely Alex Goncalves, Petteri Pennanen, and Artyom Filiposyan.

Tira Persikabo currently only has one foreign player who is still defending the team, namely Ciro Alves.

With the withdrawal of quality players, of course, Igor Krushenko admitted that he wanted to be able to get a replacement of the same level.

However, this is not easy to achieve for Tira Persikabo because the club’s financial situation is unstable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Of course every team wants quality players, but this year may be a difficult year for all Indonesian clubs,” said Igor Kriushenko in a virtual press conference attended by BolaSport.com, Thursday (2/9/2021).

“We are also looking for players. “Obviously we are looking for players who are at the same level as the players who left the team, but we are adjusting to the club’s budget,” he said.

Tira Persikabo may not be able to get players on the same level as the previous mainstay players.

However, the coach from Belarus confirmed that Tira Persikabo’s players will certainly have qualified qualities to face Liga 1 2021.

“Despite adjusting the budget, these players are not inferior in quality,” said Igor.

Despite losing several mainstay players, Tira Persikabo also brought in new strength from two other foreign players.

Two players that the team has introduced are Veniamin Shumeyko (Kyrgistan) and Sergey Pushniakov (Belarus).

With these two players, of course, Tira currently has three foreign players, including Ciro Alves.

However, the 57-year-old coach admitted that in fact the team was still targeting to fill one more foreign player slot.

However, the restrictions on foreigners made it difficult for the team to bring in foreign players.

“Our last (foreign) player is an attacker, we are still waiting for this PPKM policy whether foreigners can come to Indonesia. Until now he is also waiting for our directions and can’t wait,” he said.

Meanwhile, in his first match in Liga 1 2021, Tira Persikabo will face Madura United at the Indomilk Arena Stadium, Tangerang, Friday (3/9/2021).

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